Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Van's volume post


The volume of a cylinder is 150 cubic cm. and its base is 48 sq. cm.What is the height to the nearest centimeter?


Volume=area of circular base x height

150 cubic cm.=48 sq. cm. x H

150 /48 =H

3.125 sq. cm. = H


Two cylinders has the same volume.The first cylinder has a diameter of 10cm and height of 30 cm.The second cylinder has a diameter of 8 cm. What is the height of the second cylinder,to the nearest tenth of centimetre?


* For the first cylinder

V=(pi x diameter)h

=(3.14 x 10cm)30cm

=31.14 cm. x 30cm.

V =942 sq. cm.

*For second cylinder

V=(pi x diameter)h

942 sq. cm. =(3.14 x 8cm)h

(942sq. cm./25.12 cm)=h


The height of the 2nd cylinder is 37.5cm.


  1. Hey Van! :) Great job on your first post. Next time try to add a link and even a video! Overall, keep it up!

  2. Great job Van I like how you put a video and you should try put link color and video Great job on your first post.

  3. Good job Van! :) I liked how you added a picture. Next time, try to check over your work because you put V=(pi x diameter)h and that's different from v= (pi x r x r )x h. Because r squared doesn't equal the diameter. Sorry if that didn't make that much sense haha. Keep up the good work!