Sunday, March 6, 2011

Term 2 Reflection


Term 2 Reflection

The unit that I enjoyed the most and though I did my best on was Surface Area of triangles, cylinders, and rectangular prisms. It was pretty frustrating having to keep on re-writing the formulas. But I got used to it and realized that I understood it even more when I wrote them!

The thing I most struggled on was drawing nets for rectangular/triangular prisms. To make it easier for me, I would break up the shape into the top, front and side views. Also, I struggled on converting percents or decimals into fractions.

Next term, I would like to bump up my third term mark for math even more! Maybe even into the 90s. But my goal all depends on how much I study, work hard, and participate in class.

This term, I learned how to combien and compare percents. Also, how to see what would be the better deal by using them. For surface area, I learned how to find the TSA and how to draw nets. And most importantly, how to draw the net of a cylinder... the CORRECT way. Now for volume. I learned that every shape has a different formula to find the volume of it, also that volume has an exponent of 3.

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  1. Good job Thessa! :D Great reflection but it seems like you forgot to explain the difference between surface area and volume but anyways, keep up the good work!