Monday, March 14, 2011

Term 2 Reflection

Hello , my name is Justin Gacilan.

Second Term was not so good for me , due to the lack of behaviour, the people I sit with, and my responsibility to learn. I did do well on the homework textbook, and the Math textbook questions.
I learned the important stuff of what was needed such as surface areas, volumes, and percentages. Although, I enjoyed the fact that we learnt how to find the surface area, formulas, and volumes of prisms. Most of the quizzes I had done this term were pretty well, but the most important quizzes we were given I did not do so well and did not plan as expected, I would get somewhat around 81% and lower. I wished that I had asked questions to Mr.Harbeck to the problems I did not know.

For Term 3 I would like to focus more on the assignments given, study more often, (15-30 mins on a daily basis) and ask more questions if I have any problems. I will continue to catch up on work, to accomplish the goals I have wanted to achieve, doing textbook homework taught me more things then reading a picture book. It prepares me for future quizzes, tests, etc.
On most of the tests, I would be confused cause I never really read the questions properly and rush cause I worry that I won't be finished in time. Also, for this term I will post more comments on blogs, from 8-17 to 8-73.

I will also do better this term, by improving on my study skills, and sitting with different people and not sitting with the ''Dark Hole'' or as Mr.Harbeck would say ''Black Hole''.
Last Term I had learnt a lot, thanks to a friend of mine who had my back. '' Kyle ''

*My AudioBoo will be posted by the end of tomorrow.*

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