Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Term 2 Reflection

As a new student,it became so hard to do things you had never done before but some things were pretty easy.On my first day of school,we were studying about volume of cylinders and prisms.I had studied those things before so I'm pretty sure that I did well on my first day of school.While studying volume I learned this formulas:S x S x S for a cube; pi . r . r . h for a cylinder;l .w.h for a rectangular prism and b.h1.h2 for a triangular prism.In times when the diameter is given instead of a radius,just divide the diameter in half to get the radius.I get confused with those formulas sometimes but I always managed to figure what right formula to use.To be better next term,I just got to be more studious and responsible with my math homework and if I do that ,Im sure that I will get high marks.
Surface area is the area of a flat surface while volume is the inside area like inside a balloon.

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