Friday, March 25, 2011

Justin Sunga Term 2 Reflection .

In term 2 I've learned a lot about 3D Shapes and the formulas for finding there volumes and areas.
EX: Volume of Cylinder =Pi x Radius x Radius x Height, Area of Prisms = Length x Width, Volume of Rectangular Prism = Length x Width x Height. We also had to learn how to make nets, 3D shapes.

I mostly struggled on the formulas because there were a lot of them and I had to remember all of them, but with some practice I finally remembered all of them.

Next term I will try to focus on my homework and study more about what we will learn. I will also try to get my grades higher and continue doing a good job on tests.

I've learned so much from term 2, that the surface area of a shape is the sum of all the areas and can and can determine the Surface Area and Volume of a 3D shape. And that Volume is the amount of space a 3D shape has, and probably a lot more about 3D shapes.


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  2. Good job Justin. Next time, try to add more details on your paragraphs. But why is this reflection looked the same as Chris'?