Thursday, March 10, 2011

Term 2 Reflection

Hello there, my name is Angel Malapit and I’m a grade 8 math student. Term 2 was a pretty good term for me, I found our chapters fun and not as complicated. We learned about converting fractions, percentages, volumes, and surface areas. I did well on nets and found it easy to draw 3D shapes on the graph paper. I enjoyed doing formulas, finding surface areas and volumes of cylinders, rectangular prisms, and triangular prisms because I found them easy to understand.The quizzes and tests weren’t difficult about shapes and their volumes, I would get 90-100%.

Although, I wasn’t very strong with finding percentages and converting fractions. I often got confused when we would be solving a problem or doing a test. I also struggled in finding the volume of a prism inside a prism, I would get confused when they would tell you to round the answer to the nearest centimetre when it gives you metres. But I got Mr. Harbeck to help me out on that.

For term 3, I will continue to do all my homework and finish my textbook pages Mr. Harbeck assigns me. Finishing those pages really helped me understand more and made it easier for me on tests because I got a lot of practice. I will also try not to be lazy to read everything on a test because sometimes I rush and would get my answers wrong. That was a mistake I learned from. Also, I would like to do better on my blogs by giving more than what’s expected and comment every time there is work published because i would usually procrastinate and then I’m left with a whole bunch of posts to comment on. So that’s how i would want to get better.

What i learned about findings surface areas and volumes is that following the formula is very important. Like for cylinders, the formula for finding the volume is first you have to find the radius from the given diameter and the formula for that is base x height / 2, then you multiply pi x r x r x h, that’s how you would find the volume of a cylinder. I learned how to reduce a price with a given percentage, how to find the total cost of an item including taxes, how to convert fractions and decimals, I’m not the best at that, I still get confused but that’s something I will have to practice. I also learned that the difference between volume and surface area, is that volume is a measurement of the space a 3D object takes up, while surface area is the area of a 2D object.

I'll add my audioboo when I get it to work on my computer!

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