Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ivan's Term 2 Reflection.

What I’ve learned in term two was, total surface area, and volumes. I’ve struggled a lot in surface area at first I didn’t get it until Mr. Harbeck explained it right. Volume I was comfortable with, but the cylinder. I’ve struggled a lot on cylinder, because I hate them. But once I got to know the formula, I studied it so I can learn it better. For the next term, I will try my hardest to get my grades up. I did well on the Surface Area because I understood them a lot, but the net was complicated, we had to draw them out. I didn’t like the net at first, until I practiced drawing the nets, I got to know the nets a lot better, and in term 2 my test improved. This term, I would like to work better, and improve my test marks a lot better.

I will post audioboo once I get that flash thingy for the computer.

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