Monday, March 7, 2011

Term 2 Reflection

Term 2 Reflection

In this term I did very well in finding out the volume of shapes such as trianglular prisms and cylinders, it was easy for me because all you had to do was remember the formulas of each shape such as (π x r x r)x h .

At one point when we were learning about the volumes and when it was put in to problems, it sort of confused me because i didn’t know excatly how to find the answers.

I think i can do better next term by always reading the questions twice, or until I understand what the question is asking me. Another thing I want to improve on is too check over my answer again because I could of missed a single thing in the formula or something messed up which could change my answer on my tests.

This term I learned a lot about percents, surface area, and volume such as all the formulas that was involved. And how to use them all in a correct way so you won’t mess it up. I also learned some ways of finding out how much cm or m an object is if needed by using those formulas.


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  1. Good job Ryan! :) You spoke at a good pace and it was easy to understand. Keep it up.