Saturday, March 19, 2011

Term 2 Reflection.

Hello, My name is Diana Rodrigues and I’m a grade 8 student. This term in math we did converting fractions, percentages, volumes, and surface areas. I did well on finding the surface area of different shapes. I found this chapters one of the easiest ones that we did so far. Also I did well on drawing nest and making 3D shapes on graph paper. The tests for Prisms and Cylinders weren’t even hard, I’d only get a couple wrong. Also I did pretty good on finding the volume of all those shapes. I really got how to do it, It easy to understand.

I wasn’t very good at remembering all the formulas for all the different shapes. Also I wasn’t very good with finding percentages and converting fractions. I often got confused. I kind of struggled on finding the volume of a shape inside of a shape, but after a while of doing it I kind of get it now.

For term 3 I’m going to try to get better in math by, doing more blogs, asking questions and finishing my homework. I want to be ready for grade 9 because I don’t want to fail. Try to finish all the questions that Mr.Harbeck assigns me, because they will help me understand it more and it will be easier for me on tests. I will also try not to rush on test, so I`ll read everything it is asking me to do. Also, I would like to do better on my blogs by doing more then Mr.Harbeck asked me to do, and try to comment on everyithng that is published. So that’s how I would want to get better.

I will post my Audioboo when I get it to work on my computer.

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