Monday, March 7, 2011

Term 2 Reflection

In Term 2, I did very well in the finding out the volume of shapes ( prisms, and cylinders ) We have to follow the formula, (pi x r x r)x h. I understood how to do it because I practiced at home and got help from my friends, which really helped me .

I struggled in percents the most because I did not understand it, I also struggled in volume because I couldn't remember the formulas. In Term 3, I would like to work harder on assignments, and homework. I would like to focus and demonstrate that I am learn. I also would like to do all of my computer work, so I will do better this in this Term. In term 2 i slacked off a lot and was easily distracted, this term I would like to be reminded if I a , and focus in my work. Therefore, I would like to sit with my usual friends, because they have helped me and explain what I was doing wrong. I am more comfortable doing work and homework with my friends, because they are very helpful and demonstrate good role models for me.

I learned a lot this term about percents, surface area, and volume such as all the formulas that are involved. And how to use the formulas correctly, so i wont mess up.


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