Thursday, June 16, 2011

2 Minutes Reflection

1. -Google Docs

- Version 1

- Final Copy

2. Our first and final drafts were very different from each other. We made various changes to our first draft, to create our final draft. We changed our pictures and we positioned them in different times. Our pictures increased, and fit the narration we added. The narration was a big change as well because now there is no words on the pictures. We added narration instead because we thought that the words and pictures were too distracting and we thought that adding narration will increase our information we put in the movie. Not only did we have narration, but the narration suited the pictures that were shown. We changed the timing in the pictures so the narration would go along with it. My group also changed some of the slides. There is only 1 plain slide and we added that because we thought that there shouldn't be a picture as a background since we though that a picture would be too distracting and we wanted the viewers to concentrate on the voice. We changed the credits as well, since we added in the credits for the pictures. The student comments were helpful because their suggestions were improvements that we never thought of changing. Also, the changes that we made from the viewers, made our project movie a lot better.

3. We found our expert by google searching them, and looking at yellow pages. We searched animal shelters that are in our area and animal shelters that are helpful. The first important point our expert stated was that he said that there are no excuses in animal abuse, and there is no need for it. The second line our expert stated was that people never want to admit that they cause animal abuse because they have problems whether they are an alcoholic, depressed, or they have anger problems. The last line that the expert stated was that the shelter they are running are the only ones speaking out for the animals. Because of our expert, I have learned a lot about animal abuse. First of all, I have learned that many humans choose to not admit that they have commited animal cruelty. Also, I have learned that not many people are speaking out for the animals, but their shelter is because they always accept strays and are always offering to help them out.

5. I think our greatest success during the 2 minutes project was actually going out and making a difference. I think raising money for an animal shelter and spreading awareness was a great success because we got a large amount of donations and many people were notified about animal abuse. Also, I think that getting our pictures, timing, and information on track was a great success because even if it took a long time to do it, we still were able to succeed doing that process. The skills that I will take away from this and use in the future is using movie maker properly and getting 2 audios playing at once. Also, another skill that I will use in the future is crediting all the people who got the pictures. Lastly, the skill of creating a movie on a topic that is really interesting is a skill I will use in the future. This will be helpful because during the process of the movie, I would want to learn more about the topic.

6. What frustrated us during the movie process was finding images that suited the topic. This was very frustrating because some pictures weren't appropriate, they weren't from creative commons, or we just couldn't find some pictures at all. Another thing that frustrated us was trying to put all the information together and pictures together so it would go smoothly. Lastly, the process of getting 2 audios to play at once was very frustrating because we didn't know what to do, and sometimes the audio didn't work at all. A strategy that we used and was helpful was searching broad topics to find pictures. We realized that if it was too narrow, we wouldn't get any results or we didn't get appropriate results.

7. The 2 minutes project is important to grade 8 students because it shows that you are able to make a difference no matter what age you are. It also shows that no matter how big or small your action is towards situations like this, it will always count. It counts because even if you tell 1 person about the situation, that person could tell another person, and so on, and so on. Eventually, it will end to a large amount of people knowing about the problem. The 2 minutes project is also important to grade 8 students because it makes you realize that you are not the only people that are in need right now. It shows that there are many other people around the world who are in bigger situations than you ever thought of. Lastly, it is important to us because it raises awareness about various problems that need to be solved soon. Raising awareness is important because it lets other people know about issues around the world and maybe it will encourage them to start making a difference no matter how small or big it is.

8. In the future I will make a difference by not buying animal tested cosmetics because if you buy their projects, you are supporting animal testing. I will also donate all of my spare change to animal shelters because my change could be a real big effect on them. My donations can possibly cure a sick animal, no matter how big or small it is. I will stop people who try to commit animal abuse and I will report them to the police immediately if I see any animal abuse occuring. Lastly, I will try to raise more awareness by telling all of my family and friends about animal abuse so they will realize what's going on in their current neighborhood.

Marie's 2 Minutes 2011 Reflection

Google Document

Version 1 of our Movie Project

Final cut of our Movie Project

For the first draft of my group and I's video, we had appropriate music, captions, pictures and a good amount of slides. It wasn't the best video, but we had a lot of information put into it. On our final cut of our video, we finally added our voice so the viewers won't have to read anything because we took off the captions. Also, we added a couple more slides to lengthen the video. The music, and pictures are still the same because there wasn't anything to improve to it.

My group and I found our expert by looking in the Yellow Pages. We searched for animal shelters, and D'arcy's Arc really caught our eyes. 3 things we learned from our expert in the video are that animal abuse isn't needed, but some things are exceptional because we need animals for food, protein and nutrients for our body. Also, people abuse animals because of anger issues, problems, or for their own sake of hurting a living creature.

The 2 greatest success in our group's 2 minutes project are probably the information, and how we made a difference. I chose the information as a success because we had more information than what I expected. With cooperation from my group members, we were all able to gather more than enough information for our video. How we made a difference is another success for not only myself, but my group as well because we put the effort to bake and decorate goods for our bake sale. My group and I raised a little over 60 dollars which was all donated to D'arcy's Arc. A skill I would definitely use in the future is my motivation to complete a project or an assignment. Also, using the movie maker is a skill I would use in the future because I might need these type of skills for a future job or career.

What frustrated me during the process of making the movie project was trying to look for appropriate pictures, and making sure we're allowed to use them. It's hard to find a specific picture because some are really graphic, and Creative Commons only has a limited number of pictures because not all are able to be used legally. Also, trying to read my lines was frustrating because I always end up laughing or pronounce a word wrong. It took me quite a while to perfect all my lines. Strategies I used to become successful is to specify what I'm trying to search for when I look for pictures. For example, instead of putting in "animal abuse" I replaced it with "puppy mills". Another strategy I used was to try and think of depressing things like a death of a family member, because that set me in the dramatic mood. By doing that, I was able to finish reading my lines with no mistakes at all.

The 2 minutes project is important to Grade 8 students because it shows that you're never too old or young to make a difference. Also, now we're more aware of what is happening in this world. Because of the 2 minutes project we have more knowledge on how to help the people around us.

Even though I already made a difference, in the future I will make sure I'm part of a charity organization and hopefully foster a child from one of the developing countries and send them money each month. I would love to see the look on their face(s) when they receive what I give them!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2 Minutes Reflection

1) Google Docs

- Final Copy

-First Cut

2) We changed a lot of things from the rough draft video because we were rushing to finish it. We were rushing because we did not used our time wisely. Things that we changed were the placement of the slides ,we also changed the music for the Rising Part of the video, we made the font bigger for the flyer because a lot of people suggested that we should changed that, we also changed the pictures for the slides by taking our own picture and just upload it to Flickr and get the embed code, we added more information and added a part from our interview with our expert and so much more that I can’t seem to remember..We made a lot of changes because we knew that the first draft was just a rough copy, and it did not had to be that perfect. The comments from our classmates helped us a lot because it made us realize the things that we could improve on and the things that could made the video look better.

3) First, we found our expert on a website that contains a lot of other great experts for our project. It was really hard because some of them hanged up on us and some of them were at home already, but luckily we called Shari Julian even though she said that she was in a party that very moment, she still accepted our request for an interview. We learned a lot of things from Ms. Shari but we just didn’t put a lot of what she said into our Final Video. Although,we did add one thing to our video that we thought was important and that was to speak up when you see it, because people don’t. Up to now, that phrase is still stuck on my head and hoping to be stuck in my head for a long time. We also learned that all of us are affected by Gender Discrimination and also learned how it’s worldwide. We learned a whole lot of things from Ms.Shari but I just can’t seem to remember those things that she said.

4) If you did not find an expert....

5) Our greatest success was actually finishing the video on time, Making a difference and letting others to help make a difference too! Firstly, finishing the video was a great success, because we didn’t know that we could finish it on time. It might not be the most perfect video but at least that not-so perfect video can let other people know about this issue around the world. Now, making a difference and letting others to help is one of our great success because by that way Gender Discrimination may stop from happening, sure not all of the people will see our video, but hey, even you or your friends can help stop it, by just doing one little difference and that’s what my group did, we made a 2 Minutes to make a difference video that MIGHT help prevent Gender Discrimination from happening.

6) What frustrated my group and I during the making of this video was the time. The time sure went by so fast when we were making our video, plus we didn’t use our time wisely because we got distracted by things easily and we were watching NBA shows and whatnot which we figured out was a BAD idea. Other thing that got us kind of frustrated was what video editor should we use. We could either use the Windows Movie Makers or Video Pad one. We wanted to use the Windows Movie Makers one because we saw the videos of the other people who used Windows Movie Makers and it has a better quality than the Video Pad, but we were used to using Video Pad so in the ends that was what we used.

7) This 2 minutes to make a difference project is an important project to us Grade 8 students because it makes us aware of what’s happening worldwide and helps us to take action too. Topics such as Child Labor, Child Soldiers, Animal Cruelty, Global Warming, Education in Africa, Gender Discrimination and so much more are what we grade 8 students mostly chose as our topic. Though the process of making this project was hard , it was still worth it to finish this project and make a difference.

8 ) I can honestly say that I already did make a difference by making this project and by making examples of how people can help prevent that issue from happening, but for future preferences I will make a difference by using those tips that the other Grade 8 Students included in their video in which can help stop that issue from happening. For example, to help stop Global Warming, I will now use the “ PTFO RULE” From Thessa’s, Windy’s, and Karen’s 2 minutes to make a video, and who knows, maybe it’ll help stop Global Warming from happening.

Bennette's 2 Minutes 2011 Reflection




  • Please reflect and talk about the changes you made between the first and final cut of your movie. Were the student comments helpful in making your final cut better?
Some changes we made between the first and final cut of our movie was the audio because for our climax, the audio did not sound upbeat and happy. We also changed most of the images for our background and used our members as the characters in the pictures instead. Plus, we added some evidence that we interviewed our expert using audio and we quoted it so viewers can clearly see what she had said. Also, we slowed down our slide transitions because it went a little bit too fast and so the time will increase because our video's a bit short of time in the first draft. Another change we made is our attention grabber and we also added some informations. The size of our flyer in the video was also changed because the viewers can't really see what's in it. The comments in our video was really helpful because without their suggestions, we would not know what can satisfy other viewers. Also, it helped us know what changes we should make to make a better video for our final draft.

  • How did you find your expert? List 3 important points your expert added to your movie. What did you learn from your expert?
We found our expert from a site and there were a bunch of them listed in it. We tried to contact all of them but some were hanging-up, either busy or not in their office. However, we were lucky enough to contact Mrs. Shari Julian. First important point that our expert added in our movie is that we should speak up when discrimination happens because most of the time, people just stand their and do nothing about it. She said "Speak up when you see it! You know...people don't!" which we used somewhere near the end of our movie. Another line she have said is that it does not matter whether how smart or educated you are, guys will still have a bigger chance of getting a job. Even though she have said a lot, we did not include it in our slide because we don't know where to put it so it will flow smoothly. From our expert, I have learned that guys get more opportunity to get a job because other people believe that men is the one that SHOULD support the family. Secondly, when we asked for who are the affected by gender discrimination, she said EVERYBODY. Even though we don't realize that we're affected by it, we're actually were. We also learned a new word which is "taboo". One line that was stuck in my mind is the part where she said "Rules are different from laws. Laws come from the rules." It got stuck because I never knew it was different from each other and she also added that society would not operate very wall without rules.

  • What was your greatest success in the 2 minutes project. What skills will you take away with you and use in the future?
I think our greatest success in the 2 minutes project was doing our action and spreading out informations about gender discrimination. Also, making our own images and coming up with messages that can make our video powerful was a great accomplishment. I also consider finishing this video a great success for my group and I. The skill I would use in the future is coming up with effective questions to ask in an interview where I could look professional and be confident on what I'm saying. Another skill I could use is making a video depending on what your topic is by changing your background color, background music, and font style/color.

  • What frustrated you during the movie making process? What strategies did you use to become successful?
During the movie making process, the part that frustrated us the most was the part when we have to look for images. It frustrated us because we can't find images that fit our topic/ information. Also at first, we used images that are not Creative Commons and so we have to search and do the bibliography all over again. However, there are strategies we thought of that could work. Instead of looking for images in Flickr or Creative Commons, we made our own and made an account in Flickr to post it there. It was successful and saved us more time than searching for appropriate images for our topic.

  • Why is the 2 Minutes project important to Grade 8 Students?
This 2 Minutes project is important to Grade 8 students because even though we're still young, no matter what your age is, we can ALL make a difference. Small or big, at least you've done something to somewhat make a change. It can also help us become aware of the situations our world's facing right now and let us know that we can do something about it. Plus, this project helped me view the world differently because I sometimes complain about small things, but other people around the world that work at an early age, suffer from poverty, get discriminated, etc., are immuned to that community so I just have to think that I'm lucky enough compare to them. And Grade 8 students should know that too.

  • How will you make a difference in the future?
I will make a difference in the future by donating things to people that are suffering from poverty or homelessness because why not give other people if you have more than enough? Also, I bet my parents and grand-parents will be happy to hear that I'm trying to help other people because they've once experienced being hungry when they were young. Plus, I will try and talk about awareness around the world to my cousins, aunties, uncles, or other elders to make them realize what our world is facing. Lastly, all I have to say is that really, EVERYONE could make a difference and if we all work together, this planet would be better than it is now. Equality would be rewarded.

2 Minutes Reflection

Google Docs

Version 1/Final Draft

Final Cut

2. Our first draft needs a lot of changes and improvements. The comments helped because it provided us some ideas on how we can improve on our final draft. Some changes we made on the video is having our voices in our video. We made our voice louder so that the viewers can hear it. Having music and our voice at the same time. Having subtitles while the interview is playing so that they can read and follow what our expert,Kristina Hunter is saying.Having pictures on the background with the text. Lastly, making the slides slower because the slides are going fast.

3. When we were finding our expert it was a little nerveracking because we have to talk to a person we don't really know. We were planning on having Tom Ethans as our expert but he wasn't there and we don't know any expert than him. Fortunately, we found Kristina Hunter at University of Manitoba. First we arrange a schedule for us to talk with Kristina Hunter, we did our interview the following day we scheduled our interview. We learned a lot from Kristina Hunter. We learned who can be affected by global warmin. Even though we already researched about this we still have to verify if it is true or not. Also, we learned how climate chaneg can affect a place. For example, Winnipeg. If Winnipeg changed into a warmer climate there might be some insect that don't come here will come. Lastly, we had some suggestions on how we can help reduce greenhouse gases like, using less energy.

5. The greatest success in our 2 minutes project is how we can help save our environment. It is the greatest success because people don't really think about the envirnoment and just live. Some people just throw trash everywhere,waste water, don't recycle,and use too much carbon dioxide.the skill that I will take away in the future is having to use movie maker properly. We were having a hard time on how we can put the music and our voice play together. Fortunately, I watched a video that explains how I can put the music and an audio play together.

6. What frustrated us during the movie making process is to choose either iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. When my fellow group mate Thessa was using iMovie she got frustrated because the images was taking up the whole slide and if we put text in it you can't see it. So we used Movie Maker instead of iMovie. What frustrated us in Movie Maker like I said, having the audio and music play together.Since the movie maker that we were using is the new version, I wasn't used to it because I use the old version. We used so many things in movie maker and clicked so many stuff so that the audio and music will play together. Fortunately, I found a video that explains on how we can put the audio and music play together.

7.The 2 minutes to make a difference is important to grade 8 students because we can learn and be aware to things around us. We can be aware on child labour,child soldiers,animalcruelty,global warming, and many more. By having the 2 minutes project we learned so many things that we didn't know about,we can think about our choices in life and think if this thing is right or wrong. Having this project made us realize how the some part of the world is going thorugh and even in our community.

8. What I can make difference in the future is by thinking twice on what I'm going to do. I will ask the questions "is this right?" and "how can this affect others?". Since some of the things in our movie project I'm already doing it, I will do it. For example, walking to school/take public transportation, using less electricity, turning off the faucet while brushing my teeth,recycling, and PEE TWICE FLUSH ONCE (PTFO). I can remind people on how they can help the envirment too, like telling my brother to turn off the lights when it's so sunny outside. REminding my family how things can affect the environment. Picking up garbage when they are laying. Since my mom doesn't like my room messy, I don't like our environment ( and my room) to be dirty.

2 Minutes Reflection

1. Google Doc, First cut, and Final cut for our 2 minutes video.

Google Doc:

Final Cut:

First cut:

2. For our first video it was very plain because, we didn't have music while we were talking in the beginning, also how hard it was for people to hear our voice because, we didn't talk as loud... we did not talk loud enough because we were going to talk louder in our final draft. How we laid out our video is by introducing it with subheadings and with pictures, we also added description so people would know what we were exactly saying. Our final draft was hard to edit because we had to find a lot more pictures because we didn't have enough, also we talked louder and slower.. We also changed the pace of our slides because it was going to fast and people suggested that in the comments.. The comments were helpful because we did what they said to do such as: talk louder, and explain more about global warming. Our first draft didn't have caption for our interview.. (Kristina Hunter) so for our final draft we added caption and what she was really saying. Our first draft also didn't have music in the beginning but while we were doing our action it had music.. but for our final draft we figured out how to put music so we added music in our final draft.

3. We had two expert (Tom Ethans) and (Kristina Hunter) first we decided that Tom Ethans was our REAL expert but, we thought that he wasn't really a expert expert so we searched University of Winnipeg and found Kristina Hunter. We gave her a call and we lefted a message. We had to be really patient to talk to her because, every time we gave her a call there would always be someone talking and saying to leave a message and we would be put in other line. We were frustrated because, we didn't think we would find someone who knows all about Global Warming, and how she gave lot's of information about our topic. She answered mostly all our questions but we told her what we already know about it, and she gave us more information. She was a very helpful to our video. A interesting thing I found about the information she gave us us... 'The spread of insects' because, who knew insects were locally important to Global Warming. Information she gave us about spread of insects is how they can affect Winnipeg if our weather get's hotter. We had lot's of information about Global Warming thanks to Kristina Hunter. We could have added more information to what she said but we wanted to add something interesting.

4. If we did not find a expert....

5. Our greatest success in our 2 minutes video is the part where we were doing the action because, people do not know that just by doing these simple deeds could make a difference in the world. People say throwing garbage in a recycle isn't making a difference.. well it is because, if we do not throw garbage where it should be thorwned were making our world dirty and un-clean.. So recycling is making a difference. Our peers favorite and my groups favorite is (PTFO) because, I believe some of us do that. And now that we said that in our video, I think people would now do it because, if they don't we would waste a lot of water in our home. In the future, I will tell people about this project and how it helped over come my thoughts on doing action like these and making a difference in the world, and helping out my environment. I would also in the future learn how to put music in our video while we are talking and ask Karen Sule about it because, she was the one who figured out how to put music while we were talking.

6. What stressed me and my group is editing our video and re-making it on movie maker instead or iMovie, and also how we had to stay after school and work on it just to make it look presentable as possible as we can. Finding out how to put music also stressed me out because, we took so much time just to figure out how to put music while we were talking and finally Karen Sule figures it out. What Thessa said, editing our video was pretty easy because all we had to do was just type our information and not making it to (not fully sentence). Finding pictures about our topic was hard because, while I was saving it the image size was very tiny and so we took time and print screen it, it was also hard because, some pictures were there such as: green house gasses. How we were successful was we stayed after school and worked on it, and helped each other.. all 3 of us had jobs to do. We took turns typing and agreeing what we were going to put on our video and what pictures, music we were going to add to our video.

7. Two minutes is important to us grade eighters because, we can help our environment just in 2 minutes, and tell our families about this, and they would tell their friends. A big group of people helping out our environment makes a difference. Not even a BIG group, even 1 person can make a difference and even a 8 can. If us grade 8 can make a difference in the world, others can too. We can help each other to make our world GREEN. Even if we grow up, we would still remember doing 2 minutes and how we can make a difference in the world.

8. Well, in my opinion I already am trying to make difference. I am making a difference around my house such as: Turning off the faucet, I was already doing that over the past years. And how I try not to use LOT'S of water while i'm taking a shower/bath. I do these deeds everyday. And so do others to. I will always do these simple things while I grow up and in the future. Instead of throwing my garbage on the floor.. I keep it in my pocket and when I see a garbage that's when I recycle it because, I don't wan't so see my environment dirty. When I see garbage on people yard I pick it up but, I try not to trespass. I also told my parents about this and how they shouldn't use a LOT of water. I don't this my self but also my family does. It's not only me that want's our environment to be clean but i'm sure others want that too.


Reflection for 2 minutes

2. My group made a lot of changes to our video. Our first video was very.. plain. We introduced our topic with us talking and some subheadings of what we were saying. There was no music throughout our video. It seemed.. boring. We listed to our peers and changed up our video for the final draft. For our final draft, we added pictures of Global Warming and Green house gases. Also, in our interview with Kristina Hunter we added a caption of what she was saying and took out the picture. Our first draft also had no talking, so we added that with the music.

3. We found our expert at the University of Winnipeg, Kristina Hunter. We thought we wouldn't be able to find someone to talk to about this problem throughout the world, but we made some phone calls and found her! Our expert Kristina Hunter added a lot to our project. She was a big help! She answered a lot of the questions we had for her and added to the knowledge that we already know. She gave us some interesting facts about how Insects can effect us in Winnipeg if the weather gets hotter. We had a 30 minute interview with her over the phone. She gave us as much information as possible. This gave us a variety of things that she said, to choose from so that it could be in our project!

5. Our greatest success in our movie was the advice on what you can do to help! Because you may not know it, but you ARE making a difference by doing those things. It might not seem like much, but it is. I think our most favorite and our peers favorite also was the PTFO (Pee Twice Flush Once) Karen Sule decided that it would be a good idea to include that in our video, since we all do it! In the future, I will learn how to use movie maker properly so that we could put music and us talking at the same time. Without the music it seemed very.. bare. I think having music would've made our project flow better.

6. A lot of things stressed myself and my group. If our project was like google docs, where more than one person could work on it together, it would be so much better! We always had to stare time after school to work on it. Also, finding how to put music and talking at the same time stressed us out. Putting the slides together was the easy part. But editing it was stressing. Finding pictures was also stressing because on Flickr there were barely any pictures for our topic. To be successful, my group got together all 3 of us to work on it. All together, so that if we made changes to the movie, we would all agree on it. This really helped us choose on what and what not we want in our movie.

7. 2 minutes project is important because it shows that just 2 minutes of your time can make a difference in the world! Not even 2 minutes, sometimes even 2 seconds like throwing out a can into the recycling bin! It sure doesn't take 2 minutes to put a project together. But it can take 2 minutes to do a good deed for our world and the people around us!!

8. I am already trying to make a difference in the world and am still making a difference. Even the people around me like my family! We recycle instead of the waste going all to land mills. I turn off the faucet when brushing my teeth. I try not to use too much water while showering and also try not to litter. I remind myself that by me not doing such things I am making a difference. I want to walk and see the ground instead of walking on litter. I would like the see the beauty around me. This motivates me to keep making a difference.