Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2 Minutes Reflection

1. Google Doc, First cut, and Final cut for our 2 minutes video.

Google Doc:

Final Cut:

First cut:

2. For our first video it was very plain because, we didn't have music while we were talking in the beginning, also how hard it was for people to hear our voice because, we didn't talk as loud... we did not talk loud enough because we were going to talk louder in our final draft. How we laid out our video is by introducing it with subheadings and with pictures, we also added description so people would know what we were exactly saying. Our final draft was hard to edit because we had to find a lot more pictures because we didn't have enough, also we talked louder and slower.. We also changed the pace of our slides because it was going to fast and people suggested that in the comments.. The comments were helpful because we did what they said to do such as: talk louder, and explain more about global warming. Our first draft didn't have caption for our interview.. (Kristina Hunter) so for our final draft we added caption and what she was really saying. Our first draft also didn't have music in the beginning but while we were doing our action it had music.. but for our final draft we figured out how to put music so we added music in our final draft.

3. We had two expert (Tom Ethans) and (Kristina Hunter) first we decided that Tom Ethans was our REAL expert but, we thought that he wasn't really a expert expert so we searched University of Winnipeg and found Kristina Hunter. We gave her a call and we lefted a message. We had to be really patient to talk to her because, every time we gave her a call there would always be someone talking and saying to leave a message and we would be put in other line. We were frustrated because, we didn't think we would find someone who knows all about Global Warming, and how she gave lot's of information about our topic. She answered mostly all our questions but we told her what we already know about it, and she gave us more information. She was a very helpful to our video. A interesting thing I found about the information she gave us us... 'The spread of insects' because, who knew insects were locally important to Global Warming. Information she gave us about spread of insects is how they can affect Winnipeg if our weather get's hotter. We had lot's of information about Global Warming thanks to Kristina Hunter. We could have added more information to what she said but we wanted to add something interesting.

4. If we did not find a expert....

5. Our greatest success in our 2 minutes video is the part where we were doing the action because, people do not know that just by doing these simple deeds could make a difference in the world. People say throwing garbage in a recycle isn't making a difference.. well it is because, if we do not throw garbage where it should be thorwned were making our world dirty and un-clean.. So recycling is making a difference. Our peers favorite and my groups favorite is (PTFO) because, I believe some of us do that. And now that we said that in our video, I think people would now do it because, if they don't we would waste a lot of water in our home. In the future, I will tell people about this project and how it helped over come my thoughts on doing action like these and making a difference in the world, and helping out my environment. I would also in the future learn how to put music in our video while we are talking and ask Karen Sule about it because, she was the one who figured out how to put music while we were talking.

6. What stressed me and my group is editing our video and re-making it on movie maker instead or iMovie, and also how we had to stay after school and work on it just to make it look presentable as possible as we can. Finding out how to put music also stressed me out because, we took so much time just to figure out how to put music while we were talking and finally Karen Sule figures it out. What Thessa said, editing our video was pretty easy because all we had to do was just type our information and not making it to (not fully sentence). Finding pictures about our topic was hard because, while I was saving it the image size was very tiny and so we took time and print screen it, it was also hard because, some pictures were there such as: green house gasses. How we were successful was we stayed after school and worked on it, and helped each other.. all 3 of us had jobs to do. We took turns typing and agreeing what we were going to put on our video and what pictures, music we were going to add to our video.

7. Two minutes is important to us grade eighters because, we can help our environment just in 2 minutes, and tell our families about this, and they would tell their friends. A big group of people helping out our environment makes a difference. Not even a BIG group, even 1 person can make a difference and even a 8 can. If us grade 8 can make a difference in the world, others can too. We can help each other to make our world GREEN. Even if we grow up, we would still remember doing 2 minutes and how we can make a difference in the world.

8. Well, in my opinion I already am trying to make difference. I am making a difference around my house such as: Turning off the faucet, I was already doing that over the past years. And how I try not to use LOT'S of water while i'm taking a shower/bath. I do these deeds everyday. And so do others to. I will always do these simple things while I grow up and in the future. Instead of throwing my garbage on the floor.. I keep it in my pocket and when I see a garbage that's when I recycle it because, I don't wan't so see my environment dirty. When I see garbage on people yard I pick it up but, I try not to trespass. I also told my parents about this and how they shouldn't use a LOT of water. I don't this my self but also my family does. It's not only me that want's our environment to be clean but i'm sure others want that too.


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