Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reflection for 2 minutes

2. My group made a lot of changes to our video. Our first video was very.. plain. We introduced our topic with us talking and some subheadings of what we were saying. There was no music throughout our video. It seemed.. boring. We listed to our peers and changed up our video for the final draft. For our final draft, we added pictures of Global Warming and Green house gases. Also, in our interview with Kristina Hunter we added a caption of what she was saying and took out the picture. Our first draft also had no talking, so we added that with the music.

3. We found our expert at the University of Winnipeg, Kristina Hunter. We thought we wouldn't be able to find someone to talk to about this problem throughout the world, but we made some phone calls and found her! Our expert Kristina Hunter added a lot to our project. She was a big help! She answered a lot of the questions we had for her and added to the knowledge that we already know. She gave us some interesting facts about how Insects can effect us in Winnipeg if the weather gets hotter. We had a 30 minute interview with her over the phone. She gave us as much information as possible. This gave us a variety of things that she said, to choose from so that it could be in our project!

5. Our greatest success in our movie was the advice on what you can do to help! Because you may not know it, but you ARE making a difference by doing those things. It might not seem like much, but it is. I think our most favorite and our peers favorite also was the PTFO (Pee Twice Flush Once) Karen Sule decided that it would be a good idea to include that in our video, since we all do it! In the future, I will learn how to use movie maker properly so that we could put music and us talking at the same time. Without the music it seemed very.. bare. I think having music would've made our project flow better.

6. A lot of things stressed myself and my group. If our project was like google docs, where more than one person could work on it together, it would be so much better! We always had to stare time after school to work on it. Also, finding how to put music and talking at the same time stressed us out. Putting the slides together was the easy part. But editing it was stressing. Finding pictures was also stressing because on Flickr there were barely any pictures for our topic. To be successful, my group got together all 3 of us to work on it. All together, so that if we made changes to the movie, we would all agree on it. This really helped us choose on what and what not we want in our movie.

7. 2 minutes project is important because it shows that just 2 minutes of your time can make a difference in the world! Not even 2 minutes, sometimes even 2 seconds like throwing out a can into the recycling bin! It sure doesn't take 2 minutes to put a project together. But it can take 2 minutes to do a good deed for our world and the people around us!!

8. I am already trying to make a difference in the world and am still making a difference. Even the people around me like my family! We recycle instead of the waste going all to land mills. I turn off the faucet when brushing my teeth. I try not to use too much water while showering and also try not to litter. I remind myself that by me not doing such things I am making a difference. I want to walk and see the ground instead of walking on litter. I would like the see the beauty around me. This motivates me to keep making a difference.


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