Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2 Minutes Reflection

1) Google Docs

- Final Copy

-First Cut

2) We changed a lot of things from the rough draft video because we were rushing to finish it. We were rushing because we did not used our time wisely. Things that we changed were the placement of the slides ,we also changed the music for the Rising Part of the video, we made the font bigger for the flyer because a lot of people suggested that we should changed that, we also changed the pictures for the slides by taking our own picture and just upload it to Flickr and get the embed code, we added more information and added a part from our interview with our expert and so much more that I can’t seem to remember..We made a lot of changes because we knew that the first draft was just a rough copy, and it did not had to be that perfect. The comments from our classmates helped us a lot because it made us realize the things that we could improve on and the things that could made the video look better.

3) First, we found our expert on a website that contains a lot of other great experts for our project. It was really hard because some of them hanged up on us and some of them were at home already, but luckily we called Shari Julian even though she said that she was in a party that very moment, she still accepted our request for an interview. We learned a lot of things from Ms. Shari but we just didn’t put a lot of what she said into our Final Video. Although,we did add one thing to our video that we thought was important and that was to speak up when you see it, because people don’t. Up to now, that phrase is still stuck on my head and hoping to be stuck in my head for a long time. We also learned that all of us are affected by Gender Discrimination and also learned how it’s worldwide. We learned a whole lot of things from Ms.Shari but I just can’t seem to remember those things that she said.

4) If you did not find an expert....

5) Our greatest success was actually finishing the video on time, Making a difference and letting others to help make a difference too! Firstly, finishing the video was a great success, because we didn’t know that we could finish it on time. It might not be the most perfect video but at least that not-so perfect video can let other people know about this issue around the world. Now, making a difference and letting others to help is one of our great success because by that way Gender Discrimination may stop from happening, sure not all of the people will see our video, but hey, even you or your friends can help stop it, by just doing one little difference and that’s what my group did, we made a 2 Minutes to make a difference video that MIGHT help prevent Gender Discrimination from happening.

6) What frustrated my group and I during the making of this video was the time. The time sure went by so fast when we were making our video, plus we didn’t use our time wisely because we got distracted by things easily and we were watching NBA shows and whatnot which we figured out was a BAD idea. Other thing that got us kind of frustrated was what video editor should we use. We could either use the Windows Movie Makers or Video Pad one. We wanted to use the Windows Movie Makers one because we saw the videos of the other people who used Windows Movie Makers and it has a better quality than the Video Pad, but we were used to using Video Pad so in the ends that was what we used.

7) This 2 minutes to make a difference project is an important project to us Grade 8 students because it makes us aware of what’s happening worldwide and helps us to take action too. Topics such as Child Labor, Child Soldiers, Animal Cruelty, Global Warming, Education in Africa, Gender Discrimination and so much more are what we grade 8 students mostly chose as our topic. Though the process of making this project was hard , it was still worth it to finish this project and make a difference.

8 ) I can honestly say that I already did make a difference by making this project and by making examples of how people can help prevent that issue from happening, but for future preferences I will make a difference by using those tips that the other Grade 8 Students included in their video in which can help stop that issue from happening. For example, to help stop Global Warming, I will now use the “ PTFO RULE” From Thessa’s, Windy’s, and Karen’s 2 minutes to make a video, and who knows, maybe it’ll help stop Global Warming from happening.

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