Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2 Minutes Reflection

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Version 1/Final Draft

Final Cut

2. Our first draft needs a lot of changes and improvements. The comments helped because it provided us some ideas on how we can improve on our final draft. Some changes we made on the video is having our voices in our video. We made our voice louder so that the viewers can hear it. Having music and our voice at the same time. Having subtitles while the interview is playing so that they can read and follow what our expert,Kristina Hunter is saying.Having pictures on the background with the text. Lastly, making the slides slower because the slides are going fast.

3. When we were finding our expert it was a little nerveracking because we have to talk to a person we don't really know. We were planning on having Tom Ethans as our expert but he wasn't there and we don't know any expert than him. Fortunately, we found Kristina Hunter at University of Manitoba. First we arrange a schedule for us to talk with Kristina Hunter, we did our interview the following day we scheduled our interview. We learned a lot from Kristina Hunter. We learned who can be affected by global warmin. Even though we already researched about this we still have to verify if it is true or not. Also, we learned how climate chaneg can affect a place. For example, Winnipeg. If Winnipeg changed into a warmer climate there might be some insect that don't come here will come. Lastly, we had some suggestions on how we can help reduce greenhouse gases like, using less energy.

5. The greatest success in our 2 minutes project is how we can help save our environment. It is the greatest success because people don't really think about the envirnoment and just live. Some people just throw trash everywhere,waste water, don't recycle,and use too much carbon dioxide.the skill that I will take away in the future is having to use movie maker properly. We were having a hard time on how we can put the music and our voice play together. Fortunately, I watched a video that explains how I can put the music and an audio play together.

6. What frustrated us during the movie making process is to choose either iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. When my fellow group mate Thessa was using iMovie she got frustrated because the images was taking up the whole slide and if we put text in it you can't see it. So we used Movie Maker instead of iMovie. What frustrated us in Movie Maker like I said, having the audio and music play together.Since the movie maker that we were using is the new version, I wasn't used to it because I use the old version. We used so many things in movie maker and clicked so many stuff so that the audio and music will play together. Fortunately, I found a video that explains on how we can put the audio and music play together.

7.The 2 minutes to make a difference is important to grade 8 students because we can learn and be aware to things around us. We can be aware on child labour,child soldiers,animalcruelty,global warming, and many more. By having the 2 minutes project we learned so many things that we didn't know about,we can think about our choices in life and think if this thing is right or wrong. Having this project made us realize how the some part of the world is going thorugh and even in our community.

8. What I can make difference in the future is by thinking twice on what I'm going to do. I will ask the questions "is this right?" and "how can this affect others?". Since some of the things in our movie project I'm already doing it, I will do it. For example, walking to school/take public transportation, using less electricity, turning off the faucet while brushing my teeth,recycling, and PEE TWICE FLUSH ONCE (PTFO). I can remind people on how they can help the envirment too, like telling my brother to turn off the lights when it's so sunny outside. REminding my family how things can affect the environment. Picking up garbage when they are laying. Since my mom doesn't like my room messy, I don't like our environment ( and my room) to be dirty.

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