Thursday, June 16, 2011

Marie's 2 Minutes 2011 Reflection

Google Document

Version 1 of our Movie Project

Final cut of our Movie Project

For the first draft of my group and I's video, we had appropriate music, captions, pictures and a good amount of slides. It wasn't the best video, but we had a lot of information put into it. On our final cut of our video, we finally added our voice so the viewers won't have to read anything because we took off the captions. Also, we added a couple more slides to lengthen the video. The music, and pictures are still the same because there wasn't anything to improve to it.

My group and I found our expert by looking in the Yellow Pages. We searched for animal shelters, and D'arcy's Arc really caught our eyes. 3 things we learned from our expert in the video are that animal abuse isn't needed, but some things are exceptional because we need animals for food, protein and nutrients for our body. Also, people abuse animals because of anger issues, problems, or for their own sake of hurting a living creature.

The 2 greatest success in our group's 2 minutes project are probably the information, and how we made a difference. I chose the information as a success because we had more information than what I expected. With cooperation from my group members, we were all able to gather more than enough information for our video. How we made a difference is another success for not only myself, but my group as well because we put the effort to bake and decorate goods for our bake sale. My group and I raised a little over 60 dollars which was all donated to D'arcy's Arc. A skill I would definitely use in the future is my motivation to complete a project or an assignment. Also, using the movie maker is a skill I would use in the future because I might need these type of skills for a future job or career.

What frustrated me during the process of making the movie project was trying to look for appropriate pictures, and making sure we're allowed to use them. It's hard to find a specific picture because some are really graphic, and Creative Commons only has a limited number of pictures because not all are able to be used legally. Also, trying to read my lines was frustrating because I always end up laughing or pronounce a word wrong. It took me quite a while to perfect all my lines. Strategies I used to become successful is to specify what I'm trying to search for when I look for pictures. For example, instead of putting in "animal abuse" I replaced it with "puppy mills". Another strategy I used was to try and think of depressing things like a death of a family member, because that set me in the dramatic mood. By doing that, I was able to finish reading my lines with no mistakes at all.

The 2 minutes project is important to Grade 8 students because it shows that you're never too old or young to make a difference. Also, now we're more aware of what is happening in this world. Because of the 2 minutes project we have more knowledge on how to help the people around us.

Even though I already made a difference, in the future I will make sure I'm part of a charity organization and hopefully foster a child from one of the developing countries and send them money each month. I would love to see the look on their face(s) when they receive what I give them!

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