Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Term 2 Reflection


Term 2 reflection
Hi, my name is Casey Younger and i’m a grade 8 math student, and Term 2 was pretty good for me. I found out that the chapters this term were a lot easier then last term. I also went up 8 percent for my term 2 mark. I also did well on all my tests, I would get around 80-100 %, the chapter i found the easiest was finding the surface area of shapes.

A chapter I had troubles with was Volume, but when I re wrote my notes, everything made sense and i got 18/19 on my Volume test. Another thing i had a little bit of troubles in was remembering the formulas. But I know them all now.

I will do better next term by, studying for tests more, doing more of the textbook work, commenting on blogs, making more blogs, and working really hard to understand the chapters if I don’t understand them.

What I learned about Percent, Surface Area, and Volume is how to do the work, and that those chapters can effect me in real life, because a lot of people use percent for finding out test scores.

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