Monday, March 7, 2011

Term 2 Reflection

In term two i have learned a lot this year. What i like about this year was that i got to learn about shapes, such as triangles and cylinders. For me, it was hard to understand but not i get it but sometimes. Also pi again this year.

In the next term, i will work harder and prepare for the exams. i will get my computer work done and also my math work so i understand and don’t slack off this term. The things that were hard for me was if the area was already on the problem, i wouldn’t understand what to do. Someone that helped me a lot for this year was Cameron, He helped me understand the formula better and it really made a difference.

In the beggining of term two, we were also learning about percent, it was my best subject since it was always out of a 100. It wasn’t hard for me because there was no formula to comprehend. We also learned about the surface area, (didn’t like). the surface area had to much formulas that made me confussed.


  1. Good job Kaecee! Try to check for your punctuation and grammar next time. Where's your audioboo? :O

  2. Excellent Term 2 Reflection Kaecee!
    Well done!