Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Term 2 Reflection

In this term i did vary well on doing my homework,quiz,and test. Keep all my homework
ready to hand in and practice for my test and quiz. Some of the test were hard but i try to pull through.

I struggled on my math blog because i keep for getting to put in comments weekly and putting homework on it. I was confused on Some of the formulas for cylinder. For the term 3 am going to try harder to get my quiz much better and tests too. and getting better on my on the math blog to get a better mark in math to make my parent happy. math blog i will try to do it more offeted to get a great mark.

The thing i learn this term about in percents,surface area and volume. volume such as the triangle prism and cylinder and rectangular prism formulas Ex for each formulas rectangular lxwxh . Cylinder pi x r xr x h and triangular prism where you do bxh divide by 2,

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