Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Term 2 Reflection


For term 2 we learned about percent,surface area and volume. For percent we learned about showing percents into hundred grids. At class, we also learned about finding a percent of a number. We also learned about combining percents like finding the total price of the shoes by multiplying the number to the percent. In surface area we learned about viewing 3 dimensional object like looking what's the top,front, and side view. In this chapter we learned how to do nets which is the 2 dimensional version of the 3D object when flat. After knowing how to make a net we now learned how to get the surface area of a rectangular prism,triangular prism, and cylinder. Surface Area is the number of square units need to cover a 3D object. In the volume chapter, we learned how to calculate the volume of 3D object which you multiply the area of base and height for rectangular prism,triangular prism,and cylinder. Lastly we learned about solving problems involving prisms and cylinders. Which is for example a cylinder is inside a rectangular prism. We can either add it or subtract it depending on the problem

I did well on getting the surface area and volume of prisms because they don't confuse me and the part that I struggle is getting the surface area of cylinders because getting the surface has too many stuff going.

To do better for the next term I will study more and understand the problems more and if I'm confuse I will ask my classmates or Mr. Harbeck.

The difference between volume and surface area is that surface area is finding the area of the seen surface while the volume gets how many squares fill up the 3D object.
Surface Area and Volume have in common is that they both get the area of the 3 dimensional object.

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