Sunday, March 6, 2011

Term 2 Reflection

For term 2, I think I did well on Total Surface Area. I think did well on it because I did all my home works and I got high grades in the quizzes Mr.Harbeck gave us.Also, because I listened in class and apply all the math work needed. For this term, I struggled a bit in drawing nets for 3d objects.However, after asking questions and a bit of practice, I got better. For next term, I will try to not procrastinate, finish all my work, and comment frequently on the blogs my classmates will make. Also, I will ask questions if I am not certain of something.

I learn a lot about Percent, Total Surface Area, and Volume. I learned how to find and combine percents. I also learned how to know which stores have better deals and save more money. I got confused at times and made mistakes but I learned from them. For Total Surface Area, I learned how to draw nets for different prisms and cylinder. Plus, I learned how to find the total surface area by using variety of formula. At first I struggled so much on drawing the nets. However with the help of my friend, I learned how to draw them without any help. I also learned how to find volume of shapes.Though it’s quite confusing at first, with practice, I started to solve problems independently.


*I messed up "variety"

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  1. Good job Kathryn! It was kind of hard to understand because you spoke so quietly! Haha but I liked your reflection because it was detailed and organized :) Keep it up.