Sunday, March 13, 2011

rowell's Term 2 reflection post


Hi, my name is Rowell D. Cabate. I’m Grade 8 student room 17.In this term 2 I enjoyed about different of volume. In volume we write about volume of the rectangular prism and triangular and cylinder prism and surface area of an triangular and rectangular.I think is to hard when i study in math .

i`m struggle in the volume of an cylinder , triangular and rectangular prism.also how make a net of an cubic,triangular and rectangular. how to solution about height of an cylinder and triangular.
The base also.

In the next term i would like to study hard and i would participate in math. I wish i can get a highest mark. my is complete the homework, and work harder. Any kind of class.

this term i learned how to do a draw a net and make a surface area of an any kind of shape like a triangular, square,circle and rectangular . Also how to do a volume of an different shape. the base, of an shape. That all ,,,......

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