Wednesday, December 22, 2010

brandy's pay it forward

Part 3
I helped my grandma out on December 20th by watching my little sisters. I watched my sisters when my grandma went out and we ran around the house, and watched Treehouse. I felt annoyed because when I was tired she kept on taping me and I felt kinda happy because it's fun playing with her. My grandma was happy because she had time to herself. I didn't ask her to pay it forward because I forgot.

Part 4
Acts of kindness is important because if people only think of themselves and there's a problem in the world people wont care about it and they wont do anything about it.


  1. Good job, Brandy! I liked how you answered some questions. Though, next time add in a picture and answer all of the questions. Keep it up!

  2. GOOD JOB BRANDY! I liked how you tried to answer some questions. Next time, try to answer all of it and add evidence in your act of kindness.