Monday, December 20, 2010

Diana's Pay it Forward

Part 1:
The idea of pay it forward was inspired by a boy named Trevor who was assigned an assignment from his social studies teacher to think of a way to change the world. He thought of the idea of helping three people and those three people help three more people, kind of like a chain reaction. it never stops as long as you pay the act of kindness forward. The more people you pay it forward to, the more people they it forward to and so on.

Part 2:
Tonie, Casey, and I decided to pay it forward and go door to door asking for donations to help us raise money to give to Christmas Cheerboard. Also, when someone gave us money, we gave them candycanes and a Christmas card that says; " Happy Holidays, your donation is greatly appreciated! Love, Sargent Park Students." Because we wanted to thank the people who he;ped us raise money. My group did this act of kindness on December 16th, 17th, and 19th 2010.

Part 3:
After we raised some money we went to the Christmas Cheerboard. When we told the Christmas Cheerboard. When we told the front desk that we had money for them they seemed shocked that three young girl would do that. When they brought us to Linda the lady that works the donation office, she was so happy that we would even think about doing this. She showed us around and how everything works. Just the way she made us feel when we gave her the money is unwriteable. Also we are going back after Christmas to help roll pennies.We also went superstore, Rona and wal-mart to raise money but sadly they wouldn't let us. Although it was really cold to go door to door it still felt good that we were going to help people.

Part 4:
This idea of paying it forward is important because just one person can make a difference!

Don't forget to pay it forward! :)

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  1. Great job, Diana! I like how you answered all the questions. Though, next time try to make your font larger, and fix your grammar errors. Keep it up!