Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pages 135 - 136 Odds

1. Jordan is right. To convert a decimal to a percent you must multiply by 100.
0.003 x 100= 0.30.3%
3. Both Mark and Jonas are correct. The simplest answer is that Mark and Jonas' team scored 5 while their opponent scored 1.
Mark's team scored 5 goals while the other team scored 1.

Notice that there is 500/100 which is 500% like Mark said and that you multiply thedenominator by 5 to get the numerator like Jonas said.

5. Answer in the picture and also simplified.

7. Answer in the picture and also simplified.

9. Answer in the picture and also simplified.

A Video of converting fractions, decimals and percents:


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  3. GREAT JOB MICHEAL! I liked the way you added link, video, and pictures to explain your answer. Also, you only used colors for important numbers or words, which is good, because if you put too much colors, it would look like a bag of skittles. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Converting to percent, decimal, and fraction video.

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  9. Great job, Michael! Your scribe post was really easy to understand and neat. Though, I did find a mistake in your answers.
    For 9A, (5 9/10) the percentage should be 590%, not 5.9%. Overall you did a good job.

  10. Great job Michael! I liked how your scribe had pictures, a video, link, and color. Also, your scribe was easy to understand & it was neat. I agree with Marie said, but overall, great job!

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