Sunday, December 19, 2010

Caseys Pay It Forward.

Part 1:
Trevor says, that pay it forward is when you help like 3 people and then they help 3 more people and it is kind of like chain.
Part 2:
My pay it forward act of kindness was going door to door with Diana and Tonie to ask for dontaions for the Christmas Cheer Board. We choose this activity because we want everyone across Manitoba to have a very merry christmas, and also because we dont think it is fair that only some families get a christmas dinner. We help the Christmas Cheer Board by donating around $80 dollars. We did our act of kindness on December 16th 17th and 19th 2010.

Part 3:
Our act of kindness went really well, we feel that we have given atleast 3 familes a christmas supper. Personally I felt really proud of Diana, Tonie and I because even though we rasied $80 dollars we still helped out alot of people and maybe the people we told to pay it forward will. When we went door to door some people were kind of shocked that 3 girls are outside in -25 weather tring to help the Christmas Cheer Board, and the staff at the Christmas Cheer Board were very thankful for our donation. Yes, we did ask a couple of people to pay it forward because we wanted everyone to know, that if you pay it forward you can be helping ALOT of people. Some reactions people gave us were excited, and ready to go pay it forward, and some were just like sure that sounds like fun.
Part 4:
I think that the idea pay it forward is important because without some people paying it forward we would probably have alot of homeless people outside, and people who would do anything for food, to be honest I think that we really dont need anymore of that because sadly we already have abit pf that in Canada. I belive that our act of kindness has made a difference because we raised $80 dollars for the Christmas Cheer Board, and if we didnt that would just mean that the Christmas Cheer Board would have however much money they have minus $80 dollars.
and please remember to PAY IT FORWARD :)


  1. Good job Casey ! i like how you added 3 pictures . You should try adding a video and more colour !

  2. Good job, Casey! I like how you added in 3 pictures, instead of one. Next time, try to space out your paragraphs. Keep it up!

  3. Good job! I liked how you added several pictures and yes try to space out your paragraphs next time. Also make sure to read over your post because I did find some spelling and grammar errors.