Monday, December 20, 2010

Justin Sunga's Pay it forward

Part 1 .

Trevor, who is eleven year old child. He was given an assignment from his teacher in social studies Mr. simonet to make a difference and change the world. Trevor came up with the idea "pay it forward". Pay it forward is when Trevor helps three people, who then helps three more people and so on.

Part 2 .

My group (Kyle, Ivan, AJ, and me) decided to shovel people pathways. We chose this activity, because it was winter. We also chose it because alot of people hadn't shoveled their pathway. We decided to help the community.We decided to do this activity on saturday(Dec 18th)

Proof -

Part 3 .

Our act of kindness helped alot of people. what happened was that we went door to door and shoveled people's path. It felt nice helping people, since most people didn't shovel their path.All of the people were surprised in what we were doing for them. After we finished, we asked every person to pay it forward. The people were kinda shocked when we had told them to "pay it forward". We explained what pay it forward was.

Part 4 .
The idea of pay it forward is to help people and make a difference in the world. Our act of kindness has made a difference in people's lives, helping them has also made a difference in our lives.

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  1. Great job, Justin! I liked how you answered all the questions given. Next time, check your grammar, because I found a few errors and capitalization on pronouns. Keep it up!