Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Justin Gacilan's Percent Scribe

(Textbook Questions - 1,5,9, - Pg. 128 - 129)

Question 1) Use hundred grids and words to describe the similiarities and differences between a percent less than 1% , a percent between 1% and 100%, and a percent greater than 100%

The difference between all of them, is that they all have different values.

Question 5:

What percent is represented by each diagram if a completely shaded grid represents 100%?

A) 3/8%

B)125 1/2%

C) 282%

Question 9)

Give two examples where a percent greater than 100% might be found in everyday life.

Ex - 1) Taking a Test / Pop Quiz that can give bonus marks.

Ex - 2) Giving more than 105% effort in a Sport.

I could not find any videos, that we're similiar to what we are doing.

Props to Emily 8-73, for like the photos.


  1. Great job Justin! I liked how you drew the pictures but I think you over coloured it, it gets kind of distracting. Next time you should at least colour some or colour the ones that are key words and the ones that are important. Overall it was good. Keep up the good work!

  2. Good Job Justin! I liked how you added color, and pictures. Next time try adding a link, and look harder for videos ;)

  3. Good job Justin! Great colors but don't overdo it and pictures! Also, try adding a video next time.

  4. Good Job Justin! I like how you added pictures and the questions but next time try adding a link,and a video and don't put light colors.

  5. Thanks for the feedback, its just that I had to put light colours or else my computer would get a virus.

  6. Great Job Justin! I liked how you had colors also great job on posting pictures. Next time you might want to add a video or so. Keep it up!

  7. GOOD JOB JUSTIN! I liked the way you included pictures, but next time, try to add videos or links. Also, only use colors for informations that are important. Grid and Percents. This site shows how to solve different types of percent problems.

  8. Good Job Justin! I liked how you added color, and pictures . Next time , try to add videos or link ! keep up the good work !

  9. Good job Justin, I liked it was very organized but next time you should only add color to the important parts of your post.

  10. Great job Justin! I liked how you had color, pictures, and your answers. Next time, I would add videos and links, but keep it up!

  11. Great job, Justin! I like how you answered the questions, added in some colour and pictures. Next time, add a video and a link.

  12. Good Job Justin,
    I liked how you had colour, but don't overdo with with the colours. Also good job explaining your answers. Next time you should add a video and a link.But Keep it up!