Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Percent of a number questions 7 and 8

7: Estimate the following answers, then calculate. show your thinking.

A) Miguel bought a car for $4700. He made a down payment of 19 1/2%. How much was the down payment?

B) About 5.6% of Canadians have Type 2 diabetes. If Canada's population is 32 million, about how many Canadaians have this condition?

C) The 4900-seat hockey arena was 63% full. How many people were at the game?

8: The Nile River is about 209% the length of the Yukon River. If the Yukon River is 3168 km, how long is the Nile River (to the nearest km)? Show your work.

Please note if i did anything wrong (:


  1. Good job Casey! The 1st picture was kind of hard to see and the 2nd one is kind of clear but everything else was good. Next time try to add a video and a link just so you can improve on it. Keep up the good work!

  2. Good Job Casey! I liked how you put colors and show how you got the answer. Next time add a video and a link. Keep it up!

  3. GOOD JOB CASEY! I liked the way you included the question. You added picture but next time, try to make it clearer and bigger. Also, add some links and videos to make your blog better. Keep it up!

  4. Good job Casey! I liked how you had the question, colors and added pictures. Next time, add a video or link!

  5. Great job, Casey! I like how you added in the questions so we wouldn't have to look into the textbook. Next time, add a video & link! Keep it up.

  6. Good Job Casey,
    I like how you added the question. Also how you had colour. Next time cut your picture so you can see it better, and add a link and a video.