Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Page 128: Representing Percents

For this scribe, I was assigned to do questions 3, 7, 11 and 13.

Shindi commented to a friend that “some percents would be easier to show if we shaded the parts that were not included in the percent.” Explain what she means. Which percents are easier to show using Shindi’s method? Why?

Shindi meant that for some percentages, it
would be better to colour in the parts in a 10x10 grid that are not included in the percent because it will be easier to identify the percent.

7. Represent the percent in each statement on a grid.

a) Attendance at the fall fair increased
by 3.2% this year.

b) The average mass of a Singapura cat is about 0.13% of the mass of a Siberian tiger.

c) The length of the Yukon River is about 230% of the length of the Fraser River.

11. The land area of Alberta is about 113% of the land area of Saskatchewan. Use hundred grids to show how the land area of Alberta compares with the land area of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan = 100%
Alberta = 113%

a) Use a calculator to convert 1/3 to a decimal. How could 1/3% be shown using a hundred grid?

1/3 converted into a decimal is 0.3 repeated.

b) Why are percents involving repeating decimals sometimes difficult to show on a hundred grid?

Percents involving repeating decimals can be difficult because you need to know how to convert a repeated decimal onto a grid. Also, repeating decimals never end.

Here is a link on percents.

The video below helps you to find percentages.


  1. GREAT JOB MARIE! Your scribe included pictures of your own work, link, video, and colors to help us identify important informations. Also, I liked the way you included the questions for each number so we don't have to look in the electronic textbook. PERFECT POST! KEEP IT UP!

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