Sunday, December 19, 2010

Marilen's Pay it Forward

Part 1

Pay it Forward was a project made by Trevor. His teacher told his whole class that they had to make a difference in the world some how. Trevor's idea was that he helped 3 people, then each of them help another 3 people, and so on, but expect nothing in return. This idea was spread across the world, and it affected everyone, thus, all you needed was one person, to make a difference in the whole world.

Part 2

My group ( Angel, Marie, Diorella, Julibella, and I ) chose to do 2 things. We decided buy toys for the kids and donate them to the Health Science Center Children's Hospital. Also, we made decorative cards that said ' You've just been hit with an act of kindness! I hope you'll return the favor and pay it forward! ' Also, there was a candy cane attatched on the back. We made the cards for people at polo park. We all chose to do this to ' Pay it Forward ' because we wanted to make children happy since they've been in the hospital for quite a while, and the cards was so people could be joyful that they've been hit with kindness. This whole event happened on December 18, 2010.

Part 3

Starting off to ' Pay it Forward ' my group & I decided to drop off toys to the Children's Hospital. We gave the bag of toys to a nurse that would deliver the toys to the children. We took a picture with the nurse, just to make it 'official'. I felt really happy because children ( who don't go outside as much ) get to play with toys to make them feel a little better. The nurse seemed very thankful because we decided to pay it forward by giving new toys, than doing something else. We didn't ask the nurse to ' Pay it Forward ' because we left a card in the bag of toys that said to ' Pay it Forward! '

Lastly, we went to polo park to deliver our cards for people. Diorella was dressed up as an elf and Marie was dressed up as Santa Clause .. just to make kids happy, and because they were in the spirit to, than just wearing normal clothes. Although, security told us that we were not allowed to hand out candy canes, unless we had permission from the authority. Even if we were sad, we didn't want to give up because we still wanted to complete our task to pay it forward. We ended up putting cards onto people's windshields out at the parking lot. We were cold outside, but we wanted to complete our task, so we continued until we didn't have any cards left.

Part 4

The idea of Paying it Forward is important because it can help a lot of people .. just starting from one person. Also, it is easy to accomplish, since one person can help 3 people, then each of them help another 3 people, and so on. Plus, this idea can have a great impact on many people because they realize that even if they think no one is there for them, there's always someone to care for them no matter what happens. Lastly, I hope my act of kindness made a difference because while my group & I were delivering toys and cards, I felt proud of myself since I made people happy by doing a simple task .. ' Paying it Forward. '


  1. FANTASTIC JOB MARILEN! Your paragraphs are well said. Nice video and instead of doing one good thing, you guys did TWO! GREAT JOB guys and you just made a difference :)

  2. Great job, Marilen! I like how you made a video. Keep it up!!