Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tonie's Pay It Forward.

Part 1:
In my opinion, paying it forward means helping people or doing something helpful without asking for return. Then the people that you helped, helps more people and so on.

Part 2:
My Pay it Forward act of kindness was asking for donations door to door with Casey and Diana to donate for Christmas Cheerboard. We chose this activity because we want everyone in Manitoba to have a merry christmas and also, it is not fair that only some family are getting a christmas dinner. We helped the Christmas Cheerboard by donating the money that we raised. Casey, Diana, and I went door to door to ask for donations for Christmas Cheerboard. We raised about $80.00 . We did our act of kindness on december 16th, 17th, and 19th 2010.

Part 3:
Our act of kindness went GREAT. We raised about $80.00 for 3 days. I think it's good. I felt very proud of my group for walking around the neighborhood on a -25 day to ask people for donations. The people we asked for felt surprised that Diana, Casey, and I walked around on a very cold day. The staff at the Christmas Cheerboard felt thankful for our donation and hard work. Indeed we did. We asked a couple of people to pay it forward and most of them sounded very interested but some of them didn't. People acted interested when we told them what pay it forward meant.

Part 4:
The idea of Pay it Forward is important because, if people didn't pay it forward there would probably be alot of homeless people on the street that has nowhere to stay in to be safe and warm and has no food and water to survive. I believe that our act of kindness made a difference because we raised $80.oo which probably helped a couple families through out Winnipeg.


  1. Nice Job you guys I like how you put up 3 pictures then 1 picture. But I think you should put some color in to your words. But still great Job.

  2. Good job Tonie ! i like how you added 3 pictures . You should try adding a video and more colour !

  3. Excellent job, Tonie! I like how you added in 3 pictures instead of one. Maybe add some colour? Just a tip. Overall, keep it up!

  4. Good job tonie! I liked how you added 3 pictures. Adding some color would make it a lot a better though. I did find some grammar errors but overall, great job!!