Monday, December 20, 2010

Trish's Pay it Forward

Group Members : Bennette Ctuz, Kathryn Nicanor and Trish Alforte
Kids: Alaine, Alex and Alyanna Baluyot :)
Part 1

- The movie " Pay it Forward" is about Trevor McKinny, a boy who was planning to Pay it Forward by making his Social Studies Homework come true. His idea is basically helping 3 people first, then those 3 people will help 3 more people then 3 more people then so on and so forth. His project was then recognized by thousands and thousands of people! So it's our turn now to pay it forward!
Part 2

- For our Pay it Forward project, Kathryn, Bennette and I chose to babysit for free. We babysat the kids of Kathryn's Cousin which are Alaine, Alex and Alyanna. We did this project last December 14, 2010 at Kathryn's house after school because that was the only time that our schedule wasn't that too hectic. We planned to do this because by then we can show people that even though we were bombarded with a lot of homework's that day, we can still show them that our small Random Act of Kindness can help people who are in need.

Part 3

- Our babysitting project was a success and was a lot of fun. We did a lot of different things that made the children happy in which made us happy too. We took pictures, eat sandwiches, made sandwiches, dance to different songs, coloring and drawing pictures, singing and speaking in French, played games like Peek-a boo, went to Facebook in our laptops, running around the house and alot of things that was really fun, so basically it was a very memorable day for us Babysitters. I felt so happy because we had a lot of fun and that we get to help Aunt Jill ( mother) with her work meeting, because who knows, maybe she got promoted or something, right? I must say, that day was really unforgettable! So I asked Alaine ( older sister) personally if she can pay it forward too ! I told her that she can do different variety of ways to help people, not just babysitting, but a bunch of different ways too. She accepted my " challenge", but she said that she'll do it when she's a little bit older, then we shaked hands as if we were talking business, and come to think of it, I think it IS talking business.

Part 4

- Pay it Forward is an important project because it helps us to recognize how people besides ourselves needs help with their everyday lives too. NO matter how small your act of kindness is, just remember that for others it might be a HUGE act of kindness! I honestly think that our project didn't made a HUGE difference in Aunt Jill's lives, but maybe it somehow did because we helped her go to that work meeting and paid us nothing, but it was worth it because we PAID IT FORWARD!

So, Remember to PAY IT FORWARD TOO!

* Sorry I just posted this tonight, because the Internet was not working this morning when we were finally in Toronto *

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  1. Great job, Trish! I liked how you added in a few pictures instead of one. Also, the colour gave it a nice touch. Next time, just colour in the important words. Keep it up!