Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ryan's Pay it Forward

Ryan's Pay it Forward

Part 1
I watched a movie named Trevor and he was told an assignment for his social studies class,
which was for the child too think of how he can change the world then actually do it. Trevor had an
idea of changing 3 peoples lives then tell them too pay it forward and change 3 peoples lives so its
like a chain."Pay it Forward" and it is about a child named Trevor that "Pay it forward" is a term that mean when you do one act of kindness to a person with only one thing in return, which is for that person to do the same but maybe in another way.

(My group walking to the church)

Part 2

1.My groups act of kindness for Pay it Forward was donating all our unwanted toys too the "Helping Hand Foundation"

2.We chose this activity because we had extra toys that we never use anymore and we thought of donating them to the less fortunate. So that maybe when there older they can show an act of kindness and donate toys to other unfortunate.

3.We helped the immigrates of Winnipeg that may not have a lot of money right now, and the children's of the families need some toys that might make there day better.

4. We did our act of kindness on December 17th at 12:00-12:50

(The church name)

Part 3

1. Our act of kindness went well because we gathered a lot of toys that we didn't need and donated all of it.

2. We all had little gatherings of toys, after we went to a church that would send the toys too different immigrate families, and then we told the _______ about Pay it Forward and asked if she would Pay it Forward.

3. When we donated the toys I felt really joyful because I know that the children that get them are going to have a good child hood memory of people giving them toys that they might not afford.

4. The lady was happy and shocked because we are taking small steps to helping the people around us at such a young age.

5. We asked her if she would "Pay it Forward" and she answered with her saying that she has did pay it forward by also giving un needed toys and also doing volunteer jobs when she has extra time.

Part 4

1. The term "Pay it Forward" to me is very important because we can make small changes to peoples lives step by step, and which can change a small portion of the world.

2. I'm not to sure if my act of kindness made a difference but I'm thinking that it did because it can maybe bring joy to children's childhood and hope that he will also pay it forward.


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  3. GOOD JOB RYAN! Your post has pictures and you answered all questions. About your issue, I had the same thing but I figured it out. Go to "Edit HTML" then make the changes. Erase the things between the words that got separated ( I think it's called embed, I'm not sure). Also, try to read over your work again because I found some spelling errors. Anyways, good job and keep it up!

  4. Good job, Ryan! I like how you answered all of the questions. As a tip, which browser did you use? Colour works best with Mozilla or Internet Explorer. Google Chrome doesn't work very well. Next time, just make your points into paragraph form. Keep it up!