Sunday, December 19, 2010

Karen's Pay it Forward

Part 1

The "Pay it Forward" movie is about Trevor Mckinny a boy who planned to make difference for his social studies homework to three person then each of those three person have to do good to three other person and so on.His way of paying it forward then spread and when he passed away so many people came by because of his heroicness.

Part 2

Me,Thessa, and Windy did was we handed out cards to some people personally and some we put it on their windshields. We also took care of Jacqueline. We chose this activity because we thought it would be fun and to spread the word of paying it forward. Our group helped Thessa's parents so they could have quality time together and we did it our activity on the weekends.

Part 3

When we arrived at Polo Park we first went to the parking lot to put the cards that we wrote on their windshields. We then gave out cards personally.I were really nervous at the first person we went to give the card personally because we don't even know that person but still handed it out. I thank Kyia and Kyianna Giles for giving us the courage to talk to people.That person was shocked but then we explained what it is about and we told her to pay it forward and then she said that she would also think something good for her to pay it forward.

We gave Thessa's parents to spend quality time together and then took care of Jackie. We had fun even though Jackie was always "fake crying" to get what she wants. We fed her, cleaned her, and most importantly we entertain her so that she won't get bored or cry.

Part 4

The idea of "Pay it Forward" is important because we can do good things just to one person. It can make a difference just by doing small things at a time. Look at some famous person who did good they all started from scratch like just helping in the community.For example,Hetty Van Gurp.We don't have to loose our love ones but we can do something good even if you don't realize it like letting someone borrow your pencil,shoveling snow, and even taking care of your younger sibling.
Well I hope what we did made a difference and when we gave the card it felt good inside and I wish the owners of the cars read our cards and realize how they can make a difference just doing little things.


  1. GOOD JOB KAREN! I applaud you guys for doing TWO act of kindness instead of one. NICE VIDEO! Next time, try to check over your work again 'cause I found some grammar errors. Keep it up and you guys just made a difference :)

  2. Awsome job guys.
    I'm proud of you guys for doing two acts of kindness. And good video.
    But next time you should read over your work because there were some grammar errors. Besides that you guys did a good job.

  3. Great job, Karen! I love how your group did 2 act of kindess instead of one. Also, I like your video. Keep it up!