Thursday, December 2, 2010

Windy's Fractions Scribe Post

Decimal Percent% Fraction
0.0064 0.0064x100=0.64% 0.64 divided by 100 = 4/625
0.268 0.268x100=26.8% 26.8 divided by 100 = 67/250
5.98 5.98x100=598% 598 divided by 100 = since there are 2 digits in
98, the very last digit is the "100th" decimal place. 0.98 is the same as 98/100. The fraction 5 98/100 is not reduced to lowest terms. We can reduce this fraction to lowest terms by dividing both the numerator and denominator by 2. Why divide by 2? 2 is the Greatest Common Divisor or Greatest Common Factor of the numbers 98 and 100. So your final answer is: 5.98 can be written as the fraction 5 49/50

Percent% Decimal Fraction
750% 750 divided by 100=7.5 7.5 divided by 100 = 15/2 = 7 2/11
0.3% 0.3 divided by 100=0.3 0.3 divided by 100 = 3/1000 = 3/10
12 3/4% 12.75 divided by 100 =0.1275 0.1275 divided by 100 =51/400=51/4=1 4/11

Sorry if it sounded confusing, I tried my best.
Feel free to comment, and make corrections


  1. Great job Windy! It was neatly organized but I think you should add a video. It was well thought out. Keep up the good work!

  2. Good job Windy! I like how its organized and how you explained your work. Next time add a video, pictures, and color .

  3. Good job Windy! I liked how you explained but next time try to add a bit of color and maybe a video.

  4. Good Job Windy! I like how you explained your work but next time try to add colors on the important parts and a video.

  5. GOOD JOB WINDY! I liked the way you tried your best to explain your answer. Next time, try to use pictures so your scribe will look more organize, and add a video or link. Fraction, Decimal, Percentage link.

  6. Nice work Windy! Your work was very well explained but next time add some pictures or videos to it.

  7. Nice job, Windy! Your work was well explained and it was neat. Next time, try to space out your work more and add in a video, some pictures, and colour. Keep it up!

  8. Great job Windy! I liked how you had a link and your answers. Also, it was neat & well explained. Next time, I would add color, videos, and pictures. But keep it up!

  9. Good Job Windy!
    I like how you explained everything very well. BUt next time you should add some colour and some pictures. But overall keep it up!