Thursday, December 9, 2010

Angel's Percent Scribe Post


1. Mary has a monthly salary of $1200. She spends $280 per month on her food. What percent of her monthly salary does she spend on food?

Mary's monthly salary that she spends on her food is

I got 23.33 by dividing $280 by $12 .
I also rounded 23.33 to 23% .

2. Your restaurant can seat 150 guests. If 6 tables of 6 are seated, what percent of the restaurant seating is full?

of the restaurant seating is full.

I got 36 by multiplying 6 tables by 6 that are seated
I got 4.16 by dividing 150 guests by 36.

3. My new golf club was $139.50 but it's last years model so I got a 60% discount. What will it cost me?

The golf club will cost $55.80.

Here's a video:

Here is a link .

Please inform me if i made any mistakes. (:


  1. GREAT JOB ANGEL! I liked the way you included the question, colors on important words, pictures, video, and link. Also, your scribe was neat and easy to understand. However, I found some capitalization errors. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !

  2. Great job Angel! The video was very helpful and it was very organized. Next time you can try to add a link just so you can improve your scribe post. Overall it was great. Keep up the great work!

  3. Great Job Angel! :) I liked how you put the question and also how you showed your work. I really like how you added pictures and a video! Keep it up!!!

  4. Great job, Angel! I really liked how you put the textbook questions, and you included everything from the criteria given. Though, I did find a couple of capitalization errors. Overall, you did a wonderful scribe!

  5. Great job Angel! I liked how you had colors, link, pictures, and a video. Also, your scribe was neat & easy to understand. Although, you should check your capitalization, but overall, you did a great job!

  6. Good Job Angel! Your scribe is understandable,has a video,links and pictures. You added color to the important words. Overall you did a good job! Keep up the Goodwork!

    I like how you added colour on the important things. Also how everything is very eays to read and you also had videos, links and pictures. Keep it up tister! :)