Sunday, December 19, 2010

Windy's Pay It Forward

Part 1:
'Pay it Forward' is a way of helping people without expecting anything back from them. This idea came from a movie called pay it forward, and a boy named Trevor was assigned to do an assignment and it was to think of something to change the world. Trevor's idea was to help three people and they will pay it forward to three other people.

Part 2:
My group Thessa, Karen and I paid it forward by taking care of Thessa's sister, Jacquelin Eva. This gave Thessa's parents a quality time to spend together. We choose to this activity because it would be good and fun. We took care of her for 3 hours, also we made cards and put them on peoples windshields and decided to hand some out personally. Though it was pretty cold outside. This event happened in December 18, 2010.

Part 3:
During this project, we made cards to spread the word Pay It Forward, we then put them on peoples windshields and handed them out personally. I felt good because we spread the world about it, but at the same time we were nervous because we we needed to socialized. They felt surprised about the project and wanted to be involved we asked many people to be involved. The next day we got together and took care of Thessa's sister.

Part 4:
The idea Pay It Forward is important because it could change a persons life, and make it happen you can also do anything to change someone's life, doing something nice to people without expecting anything back from them. I think that my act of kindness made a difference because Thessa's parents needed a quality time together so it was a perfect timing for us to took care of her.



  1. GREAT JOB GUYS! I applaud you guys for doing TWO act of kindness instead of one. NICE VIDEO!
    Next time, try to read over your word again 'cause I found some grammar errors and words that are repeating like "we we". Other than that, good job and you guys just made a difference :)

  2. Awsome job guys.
    I'm proud of you guys for doing two acts of kindness. And good video.
    But next time you should read over your work because there were some grammar errors and like what Bennette said, you repeated words like "we we". Besides that you guys did a good job.

  3. Great job, Windy! I absolutely love how you are doing two acts of kindness. Next time, try to re-read your work because there were some grammar errors. Keep it up!