Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trish's Percent Scribe Post

Homework Book - pages 36-39 , Evens Only.


2) It says that you need to represent the percent given on a hundred grid, and this is what I did,

-PAGE 37

4) You need to show the given number as a repeating decimal, and this is what I did,

6) It says that you need to estimate each percent of the number, and this is what I did,

* Sorry if you can't see it*

-PAGE 38

2) I know I was only assigned to do the evens, but for this number I included the odds because I was too LAZY to picture the 2 numbers only.

6) For this number, it says that you need to represent the shaded grid(s) by finding out what percent it is, and this is what I did for each question,

-PAGE 39

8) It says that you need to represent the statement given on the grid provided, and this is what I did,

10) For my last number, it it says that you need to represent 1. 7 on the grid and box provided.
Apparently, the box was so small that I can't handle it, so I just made another box.

Now, here are some videos, games and links I found on the Internet about percent.



Video- * If you can't see it, then refresh it.*

Okay, I'm done with my Scribe, don't forget to comment and if there's something that I did wrong, inform me with it, okay?


  1. Amazing job Trish! :) You had a bit of everything! I especially liked how you put pictures of your work, lots of colors, links and videos. It was great, nothing bad to say about it. Keep it up!

  2. Excellent job Trish! I liked everything about the scribe, you had pictures, links, videos, and color. Keep it up! (:

  3. Awesome Job Trish! Your scribe was well organized, everything is neat and easy to understand. Great job on posting videos and pictures of your own work. Keep it up!

  4. FANTASTIC JOB TRISH! I liked the way you included video, links, and pictures. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

  5. Wonderful job Trish, your post was very well done, I really like how you changed the font on some of the words and the pictures were very clear.

  6. Great job Trish!I liked how you only use orange as your main colour and used the rest for important or key words. The pictures, links, video, and mostly the games were great help! Keep up the great work!

  7. Wonderful job, Trish! I liked how you added in some colour, pictures, a video and a link. Nothing bad to say about your post. Keep up the good work!

  8. Great job Trish! I liked how you had color, pictures, link, and a video. keep it up!

  9. Good Job Trish! I liked how you put a video,links,pictures and coloured text!! Keep up The Goodwork!

  10. Great Job Trish!
    I liked how you put videos, links, and games. Also I liked how you had Picturse and lots of colour. Keep it up! :)