Sunday, December 19, 2010

Diorella's Pay it Forward

Part 1

The idea of Pay it Forward was inspired by a boy named Trevor who was assigned an assignment from his SS teacher to think of a way to change the world. He thought of the idea of helping 3 people and those 3 people help 3 people, kind of like a chain reaction. It never stops as long as you pay the act of kindness forward. The more people you pay it forward to, the more people they pay it forward to and so on.

Part 2

Marie, Julibella, Angel, Marilen and I decided to pay it forward by buying a bunch of toys and donating them to the Children's Hostpital in downtown. We also made cards that said " You've been hit by an act of kindness. Please do your part and pay it forward! " We decided to do this activity because I know how it feels to stay in a hospital 24/7 and also because we wanted to know that those kids have people out there who care for them and to make them happy. We helped out the kids in the hospital on December 18, 2010.

Part 3

When we arrived at the hospital to donate the toys for our Pay it Forward we handed it to the nurse and took a picture with her. She seemed shocked but happy that we decided to donate toys there. I felt a sense of accomplishment and happiness because of what we did, I felt like I really helped those kids put a smile on their face and make their holidays better even though I didn't get to see them. We did not ask her to Pay it Forward though we left a card that says it in the bag for them to read and hopefully pass on when they play with the toys.

We also did another Pay it Forward project at Polo Park although it didn't go as planned. Marie and I dressed up as an elf and Santa Clause and just as we were handing out the candy canes and cards the security guards told us we couldn't hand them out but they were okay with the outfits. Although it was disappointing for us, we thought of another way to Pay it Forward by putting the cards on people's windshields at the Polo Park parking lot. It was cold but definitely worth knowing that we made a positive difference!

Part 4

The idea of " Pay it Forward " is important because although it starts off as just 1 person it will eventually help out many others. It's basically doing something nice to people without expecting anything in return. It's easy to do since all you have to do is help people and those people will pass it on to other people. Helping people out and knowing that they'll do acts of kindness too, warms my heart. Just a small gesture of kindness will do like holding the door open for someone, shoveling driveways, saying " thank you ", volunteering and so much more will make such a positive difference in this world. Now, could you just imagine when the whole world starts doing it? Amazing things could happen.

I really hope it made a difference in people's lives. If a group of junior high students could do this then other people should too. It doesn't take fancy things to change someone's life and I'm glad I could be apart of this.



  1. TERRIFIC JOB DIORELLA! Your paragraphs are well construsted and nice video you got there. I also applaud you guys for doing TWO act of kindness instead of one. Keep up the good work and you guys just made a difference :)

  2. Great job, Diorella! Your paragraphs are well written, and you have a great video. I wonder who made it.. *ahem. Keep it up!