Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Percent Word Problems

Question 1
You just hired a new baker to work in your bakeshop. In one hour the baker burned 250 chocolate chip cookies. If this represented 21% of the day’s production, how many cookies had you planned on producing that day?

They planned to produce 1190 cookies.

Question 2
A serving of ice cream contains 240 calories. One hundred forty-four calories come from fat. What percent of the total calories come from fat?

The percent of that total calories that come from fat is 60 %

Question 3
A store that sells snowboards buys them from a manufacturer at a wholesale price of $57. The store markup is 150%. What is the retail price?

The retail price is $85.50

Sorry everybody that I couldn't put the grid pictures up, my computer would freeze and I tried it several times.

Here is a link to help you with percent problem solving. This one and this

Also, here's a video :

I hope my blog post helped you out! Sorry again if the colors or grid do not show :(
Feel free to correct my mistakes.


  1. Great Job Diorella! I liked how it's organized and easy to read, great job on posting a video and a link, also I liked how you explained your work and how to get the answers. Keep it up!

  2. Awsome job Diorella!
    I like how everything is organized. Good job on putting a video, a link, and pictures. Good job putting the question with an explained answer too. Keep up the great job!

  3. GOOD JOB DIORELLA! I liked how its understandable, organized, and how you added a link. Keep up the good work! :D

  4. GREAT JOB DIORELLA! Your scribe was pretty neat and easy to understand. I liked how you added in links, T-Chart, and videos for us to look at. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  5. Great job Diorella! It was well thought out and was very clear to read. Next time you can add a little more colour so it doesn't look plain but overall it was great. Keep up the great work!

  6. Amazing job, Diorella! I liked how you included a link, some pictures and a video. It was also neat and easy to understand. Though, next time, as you told me... use Internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox instead of Google Chrome to add colour. Overall you did great!

  7. Great job Diorella! I liked how your scribe had pictures, links, and a video. Also, it was neat & organized. Keep it up :)

  8. Good Job Diorella! I liked how you put a video,link and pictures. It's easy to understand and next time try to add a little bit of color but not too much. Keep up the Goodwork!

    I like how you had pictures and it was easy to read. Next time Try adding some colour so it doesn't look plain. BUt overall keep it up! (: