Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cameron's Pay it Forward

Part 1
The idea of Pay it Forward was inspired by a 11 year old boy named Trevor who was given an assignment from his SS teacher Mr. Simonet to think of a way to change the world. He thought of the idea of helping 3 people and those 3 people help 3 people, kind of like a chain reaction. It never stops as long as you pay the act of kindness forward. The more people you pay it forward to, the more people they pay it forward to and so on.

Part 2
For my act of kindness, me and my group (Cameron, Kaecee, Ryan, and Daniel) decided to donate used and new toys. We decided to donate toys because we have toys that we don't use anymore, and its almost Christmas so why not give it to the less fortunate. We donated the toys to "Helping Hands Resources for Immigrants" which gives the toys to immigrate families in Winnipeg. We donated the toys on December the 17Th at 12 O'clock PM. I also decided to donate more toys by myself. I did it for the same reasons as before and also because some people can't get the toys themselves. The toys were donated to "The Salvation Army" which gives the toys to less fortunate people in Winnipeg. I donated the toys on December the 18Th at 5 O'clock.

Part 3
Our act of kindness went great because we gathered all of our toys that we didn't need and donated all of them. When we donated the toys, I felt happy because I knew it would go to children that might not be able to afford toys. I think the children would have a good memory of someone helping them out. The Clerk was joyful and surprised that five teen boys were donating toys to their foundation for a good cause. We asked the clerk if she knew what Pay It Forward was, and she did. We also asked her if she would Pay It Forward and she said that she would, and that Helping Hands already does. She thought that it was a good idea that we wanted this to keep on going.

The other act of kindness that I did went well because the toys were donated. When I donated the toys to The Salvation Army I felt great because the toys would go to children that can not afford them. The man employed at The Salvation Army was surprised that a teenager was donating. I asked the man if he would pay it forward and he said he always does and he thought it was a good idea that we were trying to keep it going.

Part 4
The idea of Pay it Forward is important because it helps a lot of people, with the start of one person. Also, it isn't a hard concept to do because you're only helping 3 people, and the ones you helped do the same to 3 others. It makes people realize that one little thing can grow into one of the largest ideas in the world.
I do hope that my act of kindness made a difference because that would really make me feel amazing knowing I've helped someone.

I would like to thank my mom for driving me and the group to the places we needed to go.

Don't forget to Pay it Forward!

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  1. Great job, Cameron! I liked how you extended your paragraphs. Also, you added in some pictures to show you paid it forward. Keep it up!