Sunday, December 19, 2010

Angel's Pay it Forward

Part 1

"Pay it Forward" is a movie about a boy named Trevor, and he wants to help needy people or people who have problems. First, he helps 3 people, and those 3 people will each help 3 other people and it will go on and on like a chain. The point he's trying to reach is that if one person can help a lot, imagine what a group of people can do.

Part 2

My group Julibella, Marie, Diorella, and Marilen decided to donate toys to the children in the hospital and gave cards we made saying "You've been hit by a random act of kindness, please return the favour and pay it forward! " along with candy canes. On December 18, 2010, we decided to donate toys to the hospital just to brighten up the children's days because we all know it's not fun staying at the hospital, sick, for days. Also, we decided to give out candy canes just to perform an act of kindness and to encourage people to pay it forward.

Part 3

On Saturday, December 18th my dad drove my group and I to Health Science Centre to deliver our red Santa bag full of toys. We went to the information desk to ask where we can drop it off, but instead a nurse came and took it for us. The nurse looked happy, and was thankful. I felt very good inside although it would've been better if we got to see the kids excited and happy about the new toys.

Afterwards, we went to polo park to hand out our candy canes and the cards that went with them. But then something unexpected happened that made us change our direction. The security cards went up to us and said we couldn't hand them out inside the mall. We were disappointed and felt let down. So, we went outside to the parking lot and placed the cards under the wipers. We didn't get to say "pay it forward" face to face to people but we still had it written on cards. Although it didn't go exactly the way we planned.. we still were happy that we performed an act of kindness and hopefully inspired others to do the same.

Part 4

Paying it forward is important because it helps a lot of people whether they're less fortunate or just doesn't have the greatest life. Imagine what a bunch of people can do if it only takes one person to make a difference like Trevor in the movie.

I also hope that our cards and the toys will make a difference and encourage others to pay it forward. This project made me learn to think more about others and know how blessed we are. Who knows where just a simple act of kindness can end up.



  1. Nice Job Girls ii like how you put a video and lot of nice color keep it up.

  2. Great job, Angel! I like how you added in a video and some colours. Keep it up!

  3. GREAT JOB ANGEL! I liked how you posted a video and added colors. Also, it was very well written! :)