Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tianna's Pay it Forward.

Part 1: To me pay it forward means helping people, random acts of kindness and changing somebody's life in a good way. In the movie "Pay It Forward" the boy was trying to help three people and wasn't expecting to get everything back from them. His plan was to help those three people and tell each one of them to help three other people, and those people will help three other people and so on.

Part 2: For my pay it forward I donated cloths I didn't wear or that was to small to Value Village. I chose to donate cloths to Value Village because I know that other people and children don't have as much money as other people might have and Value Village sells good cloths for a cheep price, and that can help others save money. And some of the money that you spend goes towards charity groups and foundations.

Part 3: December 23, 2010 I went through my cloths and took all the ones I didn't wear or were to small on me and donated it to Value Village. I didn't get to see any one's reaction and no said anything to me because Value Village has a door at the side and all you do is leave the cloths out side in a box or a bag and ring the little door bell. When I donated the cloths I felt good because I know it can help families who need it. And I knew I wasn't going to be getting anything back.

Part 4: To me pay it forward is impotent because if no one ever did a random act of kindness or helped someone out with out getting anything back then people would get into more fights, a lot more people would be have money problems, and the world would be filled with selfish people that only think about themselves. If everyone made an effort to pay it for then there would be a better neighborhoods, better people, and a better place to live in.


  1. Great job, Tianna! I liked how you answered all the questions. Though, next time you may want to add in a picture of you paying it forward. Keep it up!

  2. Great job. I also liked how you answered all the questions. Although next time try to check your spelling and include pictures or you doing you Pay it Forward.

  3. GOOD JOB TIANNA! I liked the way you answered each question. Next time, try to check over your work because I found some spelling mistakes. Also, try to give an evidence (for example pictures or a video) on your act of kindness. Keep up the good work.