Monday, January 31, 2011

Math Test Answers # 2 and 4

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Here are the answers for numbers 2 and 4 from our Math Test today.

* I didn't have time to copy the actual picture from our test because I was quite rushing*


So, we were asked to find the Total Surface Area of the given Triangular Prism.


For this number, we were asked to find the Total Surface Area for the given Rectangular Prism.
If you still had problems with finding the T.S.A of a Rectangular or Triangular Prism, here are some links and videos to help you out!

If you spot any mistakes, fell free to tell me!

Cylinder Volume and Volume Problems

Chapter 7.3

Formula used : V = pi .r.r.h

a ) v = pi.r.r.h
= 3.14 ( 5.5.23)
= 3.14 ( 575)
= 1805.5 cm3

b) V = pi.r.r.h
= 3.14 ( 14.14.12)
= 3.14( 2352)
= 7385.28 cm 3

c) V = pi.r.r.h
=3.14 ( 1.5)
=3.14 (0.375)
=1.1775 m3

Chapter 7.4

I first tried to find out the volume of the First cylinder,
R= diameter divided by 2
=10 divided by 2
= 5cm 2

V = pi.r.r.h
=3.14 (5.5.30)
=3.14 (750)
=2355 cm 2

I then tried to find out the volume of the Second cylinder without the height

Volume= 2335 cm2
height = pi.r.r
=3.14 (4.4)
=3.14 (16)
=50.24 cm2

I then divided the volume of the 2 cylinders to get the height for the second cylinder,
2335 divided by 50.24
= 46.9 cm3

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