Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winnipeg Harvest

When I went to Winnipeg Harvest I learned that they get the food donations from grocery stores and people, they also receive money donations as well. Winnipeg Harvest helps out families and individuals that are living in poverty or that are homeless by providing food for them so they don't starve. I also learned that a lot of people below the age 18 are getting help for Winnipeg Harvest.

The top ten items needed in Winnipeg Harvest are,
  1. Canned fish and poultry

  2. Canned fruit and vegetables

  3. Canned stew, chili, brown beans

  4. Peanut butter

  5. Baby food

  6. Whole grain pasta/ whole wheat pastas

  7. Rice

  8. Canned spaghetti sauce or tomatoes

  9. Cereal

  10. Canned soup

When I went to volunteered at Winnipeg Harvest we made family packages. In the family packages was pastas like mac and cheese or oatmeal, a can of protein like beans or meat, a can of vegetables or fruit and a can of soup. After we were done I felt good because I know that it will help families that need it.


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