Monday, January 24, 2011


Two Term Ratio-it compares 2 quantities measured in the same unit

EXAMPLE: boys: girls

Three Term Ratio- compares 3 quantities measured in the same unit.

EXAMPLE: boys: girls: men

Part to Whole Ratio- compares different parts of a group to each other. It can

be written as fraction, decimal, and percent.

EXAMPLE: boys: everyone ( boys, girls, men )1:5

Part to Part Ratio- compares different parts of the group to the whole group.

EXAMPLE: boys : girls
1 : 2


Unit Rate- a rate in which the second term is one.

EXAMPLE: $1/ per 3 cookies

Unit Price- a unit used when shopping.

EXAMPLE: $ per/ gram, $ per/ kilogram, $ per/ hour, kg per/ hour, etc.


PROPORTION:a relationship that say 2 ratios or 2 rates are equal. Can be written as fraction.

EXAMPLE : ( $ 5 / 10 cookies) = ( $ 15 / 30 cookies)


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