Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winnipeg Harvest

In Winnipeg Harvest, I learned that there are alot of people who are in need of help for food and that Winnipeg Harvest supplies food for those who are in need.Winnipeg Harvest helps people who does not have enough money to buy food.The Winnipeg Harvest gets their food supplies from people who donate food, supermarkets, companies, and stores.

Top Ten wanted Items from Winnipeg Harvest

The top 10 items needed in Winnipeg Harvest are:
~Canned Fish & Poultry
~Canned Fruit & Vegetables
~Canned Stew, Chili, Brown Beans
~Baby Food
~Whole Grain/Whole Wheat Pasta
~Peanut butter (Light)
~Canned Spaghetti Sauce & Tomatoes
~Canned Soup

When I volunteered, all that I can remember was to pack 1 kind pasta, 1 canned meat, 1 canned fruit or vegetable, and 1 canned soup, which then was put into a plastic bag and tied. If the canned soup was too small we then add another canned soup just because we wanted the same amount of soup for everyone. Also, if one of those cans were really damaged, we go ask our supervisor if it was ok or not, if it wasn't it would be thrown out. After putting the food in the plastic bags, we then put it in a larger plastic bag as in an empty rice bag and taped the top. We packed in 7 plastic bags of food into the large bag and carried/pulled it onto the sides. Finally we pulled the large bags onto a wooden platform and stacked it "waist high", which then was pulled away by a forklift. We kept on doing the same thing over and over until time was over. We got around 3.5 packs of stacked food. I would say Winnipeg Harvest volunteering was enjoyable and fun but it took alot of hard work to get around 3.5 packs by the end of the day. I hope your turn for Winnipeg Harvest will be much fun than what I did.


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