Monday, January 24, 2011

Winnipeg Harvest

What I learned at Winnipeg Harvest was how they help out many families, and how they have 2 buildings, where the volenteers work and where the food is stored. Winnipeg Harvest helps homeless people and people below the poverty line. Winnipeg Harvest gets the food from people, stores/companies, and checks that some companies give them. the top 10 things on the Winnipeg Harvest list are:
1) Canned fish or poultry.
2) Canned fruit and vegetables.
3) Canned stew, chili, and brown beans.
4) Peanut butter.
5) Baby food.
6) Whole grain/wheat pasta.
7) Rice.
8) Canned spaghetti sauce or tomatoes.
10) Canned soup.
When I volenteered at Winnipeg Harvest we made family packages and you had to put some kind of pasta, canned meat, canned fruit or vegetable, then a canned soup. Personally I enjoyed volenteering at Winnipeg Harvest because it made me feel like I helped out with a problem that could possibly be over.


  1. Great job Casey!
    I like how you explained what the Winnipeg Harvest is and how they help people. I also liked how you put who donates and what they donate. It was also good that you put what you did and how you felt about it.

  2. Good job Casey! I liked how you added a list of the food items. Try to check your spelling and add some pictures next time but overall good job!

  3. Good job Casey! I liked how you added your thoughts about doing this job. Next time, try to check for spelling and capitalization mistakes and add some pictures of you at Winnipeg Harvest. Also, leave some space between so your post will look neater. Keep up the good work!

  4. Good Job. I liked how you explaned what you did and Winnipeg Harvest and how Winnipeg Harvest helps people that need it. Next time you should added a couple pictures, otherwise it was good.

  5. Good job, Casey! I liked how you explained your day at the Winnipeg Harvest. Next time, you should add some pictures, and check your spelling. Keep it up!

  6. Good Job Casey! I liked it how you explained what we did at the Winnipeg Harvest, Although, try check spelling your work and maybe add spaces, colors and pictures on what we did that day, Other than that, Good JOB!

  7. Good job Casey. I liked that you explained what had happened at winnipeg harvest. Next time you could add some colour.