Monday, January 24, 2011

Winnipeg Harvest

what I learned at Winnipeg Harvest, is what they do, who they help and where locations of food banks are. Winnipeg Harvest gives food to people who are poor. They get their food from people who donate them, different stores.
top ten items:
1)fish, or canned poultry.
2)canned fruit and vegetables.
3)canned stew or chili
4)peanut butter(light)
5)baby food.
6)whole grain or wheat pasta.
8)canned tomatoes or spaghetti sauce
10)canned soup.

what I did a Winnipeg Harvest were family packages. You had to put different items into a bag. After you put 7 of the little bags into a bigger bag and tape it. You then stack the large bags.


  1. Great job Kyle!
    I like how you explained what the Winnipeg Harvest is and how they help people. I also liked how you put what people donate. It was also good that you put what you did.

  2. Good job Kyle! Next time try to use proper punctuation ( capitals ) And also you could've put a bit more thought into your paragraphs. Keep up the good work.

  3. Good job Kyle! I totally agree with Diorella, try to check for punctuation, capitalization, and some grammar mistakes too. Also, try to put more effort in to this because I don't see that much (Y). Try to add pictures of you at Winnipeg Harvest. Anyways, keep up the good work.

  4. Good job. I liked how you explaned what you did at Winnipeg Harvest and what they do, but next time you should edit your work and add some pictures. Also you should put how you felt after helping out. But otherwise it was good.

  5. Good job, Kyle! I liked how you explained what you did at the Winnipeg Harvest. Next time, add in a few more sentences and check for proper capitalization. Also, add in some pictures. Keep it up!

  6. Great Job Kyle! I liked how you explained what we did at the Winnipeg Harvest and how they helped people, but as what as they all said, check your punctuation and try adding in the pictures that is on Flickr.